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Elected the new Board of Expo Detergo and Assofornitori

On 11 September 2019, the Board of Directors of Assofornitori (Associazione Fornitori Aziende Manutenzione dei Tessili) and the Board of Expo Detergo S.r.l. were renewed.

Giuseppe Conti, the President of A13 was elected the new President of the Assofornitori Association, already a member of the Assofornitori Board since 2011 and the Executive Director at Expo Detergo. The new President of Expo Detergo is Gabrio Renzacci, the President of the Renzacci S.p.A. who has covered numerous roles on an Executive level within the Assofornitori and Expo Detergo for more than thirty years.

Assofornitori and Expo Detergo both represent producers operating in the sectors of laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing, logistics, chemistry, textiles and allied products. Expo Detergo organizes and promotes, in collaboration with FieraMilano, the biggest European exhibition of textile care sector held every four years (EXPOdetergo International, the brand owned by Assofornitori). It is also the publisher of Detergo, an official publication of the Assofornitori Association.

Giuseppe Conti

As a President – declares Giuseppe Conti – I would like to continue to cultivate good relations with other associations of the sector, e.g. Assosistema (Confindustria), Assosecco (Confcommercio), Confartigianato and CNA with whom we established great relationships years ago. Together, we can launch campaigns to safeguard and promote the members to our associations and the market of reference. Among some recent subjects on the table – President Conti adds – there are, for instance, the necessity to preserve and create new and fruitful relationships with other international brands, organizers of textile care sector exhibitions worldwide, activities delegated to the operative wing of Expo Detergo and to the President Gabrio Renzacci with whom we are working in full synergy”.

Gabrio Renzacci

The newly elected President of Expo Detergo, Gabrio Renzacci points out, “our objective is to promote and support all the associated companies by contributing to the growth of our prestige in the international panorama. In order to keep such levels of excellence, we need to focus on research, the innovation of processes and, first of all, products. Special attention will be given to EXPOdetergo International, the trade fair of the sector that we organize every four years and that draws interest of exhibitors from all over the world. It is enough to consider its last edition and the figures that speak for themselves:

– 277 exhibitors, 36% of them coming from 24 foreign countries
– 17.654 sq. m. with the best of technology, laundry, ironing and textile care products on display.

Starting from these extraordinary figures – President Renzacci adds – we will try to develop and improve even further (even if it is not going to be easy) by establishing possible future collaborations and partnerships on national and international levels”.



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