Success stories Schulthess: Milan, October 2014, EXPOdetergo International: global showcase for laundry machines and products


Schulthess Fabrikeingang_WolfhausenSchulthess in a nutshell: “Innovative ability, quality, and environmental responsibility: these are our strengths, and we are committed to furthering them. Inspired by years of experience and  ongoing  research activities in Switzerland, our pioneering work continuously bears fruit with groundbreaking products and innovations.
Schulthess was founded more than 150 years ago. And slightly fewer than 60 years ago we were the first to launch washing machines in Europe, a pioneering role we have upheld and consistently expanded. As experts in laundering, we capitalize on our know-how and extensive experience to drive the development and production of innovative products.
Cutting edge technologies and our research and development department at Wolfhausen ensure that the highest quality standards in manufacturing and assembly are adhered to.  Being headquartered in Switzerland allows us to draw from a pool of highly skilled specialists and ensures maximum flexibility in production — key elements to maintaining our independence and freedom.
Swiss quality is our mission; attention to detail and reliability are the principles that guide our research and production activities. We feel certain this gives us an edge in always being able to offer innovative solutions and across-the-board quality.
For many years, at Schulthess we have been committed to sustainability and safeguarding the environment, an approach we consider a duty not a choice. Our longstanding objective is to provide our customers with appliances that set the standard for green operation and energy-efficiency”.
Trommeloeffnung_4704The show is still six months away and all eyes are already focused on “WMI”, the new flagship line, explicitly named Wet-Clean, and crafted by Schulthess, a brand known for its excellence.
This will not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with this market, since we are talking about a Swiss enterprise that (no newcomer) since 1845 has been involved in the many facets of laundry, with meticulous dedication, tirelessly focused on quality and the priorities of environmental stewardship.
So, when in the final months of 2013, in the name of Wet-Clean – the use of water in place of solvents – Schulthess launched its new WMI line, it did so with the insights of an industry leader. That is, the laundering equivalent of an automobile manufacturer known for its limousines, or a fashion label whose prestige lies in its ability to marry the splendor of designer creativity with the efficiency of ready-to-wear.
Frau_unscharf_gruenlich_4588In other words, high volume and high quality.
On the strength of its technological and sales infrastructure, Schulthess — global leader in professional laundering — exploits the Wet-Clean concept to launch a new generation of the Spirit Industrial WMI. These are machines designed for commercial and industrial use, equipped with the kind of intelligent technology and optimization of eco-friendly values that are sure to boost the efficiency of any professional application.
To begin with, they are equipped with a USB interface and are extremely energy-thrifty. An investment in Wet-Clean adds up to benefits for those who use this technology and for the environment in which it operates. Advantages that translate to reduced power and water consumption, and strict safeguarding of the fabrics being treated (meaning garments that last longer), through optimization of a sophisticated mechanical and operational profile.
maschine_wmi130_seitlich_4679On first glance, the Schulthess WMI washers seem to be unchanged, but closer examination reveals some fundamental differences that confirm the company’s skillful efforts to perfect these machines. The state-of-the-art USB interface simplifies and speeds up the daily work of laundering, making it possible, for example, to quickly and easily upload and launch programs through use of a USB key. This technological solution is available only on Schulthess machines, reinforcing its cutting-edge reputation in this sector.
Display mit USBstick_seitlich_wmi_4746Sturdy but gentle, frugal and energy-efficient, the Schulthess WMI washers and dryers (with load capacities from 7 to 30 kg) ensure the utmost cleaning quality while respecting both the budget and the environment.  Compared to previous models, the new generation machines offer a savings of up to 40% in terms of water and 20% electricity, for a quick and long-lasting reduction in operating costs.
These machines are not just easy to use, they are also “well-versed” in languages, because Schulthess prioritizes making its machines easy to use in order to ensure excellent washing and drying results. The intuitive display and icon selection buttons are one example of this commitment. The 2-line graphic display, with text in 25 languages and ample memory to accommodate customized programs, guarantee maximum operational flexibility.
Display_wmi130_4761This Wet-Clean system is also designed to respect the characteristics of the articles in each wash load. Indeed, the Wet-Clean process, expressly developed for Schulthess machines, makes it possible to soak and clean difficult fabrics/textiles in the washer — like uniforms and work wear, overcoats, technical sports and ski clothing, trousers, jackets, suits and curtains, as well as fire-proof garments and many other articles.
Frau_Blazer_Oberteile_wmi_4442The special Wet-Clean programs on the Schulthess washers and dryers gently clean delicate fabrics while also totally disinfecting them. Thanks to this process, the value and wear of fabrics is preserved over time. It also makes sanitizing linens a breeze, with results that ensure perfect hygiene and sterilization of hotel and restaurant linens, as well as those used in hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities, where these needs are absolute requirements. Wherever hygiene is critical, the Schulthess disinfection programs are a must, due to their ability to eliminate germs and bacteria through a perfectly hygienic washing process. Efficient finishing programs are also available. Schulthess has a vast range of related finishing products that complete the overall product line for the professional laundry sector, making it a single source of supply.
sma_GRM_Schublade_wmiAlongside the washers and dryers is a broad selection of ergonomic accessories for laundries — from laundry collectors and carts to sorting and stacking tables and lightweight metal baskets, the list is long and complete. Numerous ironing and finishing machine options make it easy to find the ideal piece of equipment for every need; for example, available roller lengths from 1 to 2.5 meters on finishers. In addition, as exclusive representative in Switzerland of Veit ironing products, through Schulthess it is also possible to acquire the necessary tools for perfect ironing of any kind of fabric. Naturally, everything is Swiss-made.
Origin also signifies top-notch results in every sector, thanks to the amazing technological adaptability of the machines. Whether destined for use in nursing homes or care facilities, hotels, restaurants, fire stations or first responders, commercial cleaning services, hospitals or clinics, Schulthess offers a vast choice of up to 72 profiClean programs, which can be configured to suit any work environment.
Frau_Duvet_Waeschekorb_wmi_4341Thanks to these customized programs it is possible to carefully and gently clean any type of fabric, textile or garment. The detergent and additives tray is made of a unique, self-cleaning, chrome-nickel steel that reduces machine maintenance needs. The five trays for washing powders, additives and softeners, as well as five containers for liquid detergents and additives, are automatically rinsed and always stay clean.
The Schulthess Spirit industrial WMI washers are equipped with an innovative optional water recovery system that offers distinct advantages. For example, the recovery tank can be used  for lye extraction, rinse water, as well as fire-retardant application, which saves both water and energy. The system is simple to operate and easy to access, and the display warns when maintenance is due. The «autoClean» self-cleaning system reduces maintenance costs to a minimum and ensures optimal functioning of the machine and energy efficiency.
SCHULTHEmatterhorn_wprSchulthess has always favored Switzerland as its production site — a country known and appreciated around the world for its respect for high-quality technology along with a fundamental sense of the value of product durability. With this typically Swiss mentality, Schulthess machines are designed and crafted with dedication and attention to detail in the Zurich Region, and they are outstanding for their durability and long life.
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The appointment for thousands of visitors to experience Schulthess quality is from October 3rd to 6th, 2014 in Milan, in the pavilions of EXPOdetergo International.  Hall 2 stand L29/M 30
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