EDITORIAL – What’s best? Fabric or disposable? Restaurant owners in Piedmont can tell you


013_lapiazzetta_alteregostudioThe 38 eco-restaurant owners who have just grouped together in Piedmont are there to remind us: “eco” is becoming one of the most important prefixes of the moment. Something that the laundry sector is very happy about because of its two-way relationship with ecology at the dinner table. For fabrics of course, since fabrics are washed and anything disposable is thrown away.
This means siding with those who believe and invest in laundries that are in sync with the needs of the community they serve.
“Eco” has certainly been the prevailing prefix for quite some time now, if we consider how surrounded we are by eco-guides, eco-incentives, eco-centers, eco-news, eco-management, eco-innovations and eco-technologies, to mention just a few of the new words that are most in fashion.
These words have been coined precisely to support the idea that if things do finally pick up again after this very long economic meltdown, the environment and its priorities will be a fundamental, must-have part of the recovery. Especially with the new ideas for development that political, economic and cultural trends will revolve around.
Even at the dinner table.
And therefore, at the laundry.
As these 38 brave, enterprising restaurant-owners from Piedmont have shown by responding to the call by the Covar14 consortium, http://www.covar14.it/index.php/eco-ristoranti-covar14, which collects and treats waste in a metropolis like Turin. http://www.covar14.it/index.php/eco-ristoranti-covar14
The proposal made to the businessmen is very straightforward: seven eco-friendly actions (from among the 16 possible choices) on which to focus in exchange for a consortium quality label and promotional campaign. A manual for the ethical restaurant owner where fabric tablecloths and serviettes go in tandem with ceramic plates, glasses, and steel cutlery.
Showing furthermore that, if there is no fabric on the table, there can be no ethical development of quality restaurants. As we at Detergo have been pointing out for some time, with our monthly magazine committed to a campaign that deliberately goes by the name of “Note the difference?”, and which is being promoted in full agreement with Assofornitori and EXPOdetergo.
Meanwhile, with new, major “Note the difference?” events about to be organized and promoted, which Detergo readers will be the first to know about of course, we are happy to see the important things that are happening at leading trattorias, osterias and restaurants in Piedmont. All of them eateries where that specific difference has been well and truly noted.

Stefano Ferrio