The lockdown imposed by the health crisis, has turned upside down or simply changed, in some cases, lifestyles and life pace. Also, working methods during these 18 horribilis months, have partially changed. Face-to-face meetings have disappeared since the end of February 2020 and remote meetings with various IT platforms have proliferated. Sincerely, many webinars could have been done without, still, others have left a positive note.

Assuming that it was necessary to think of an interestingand useful webinar for our department, on 14 June 2021, Assofornitori organized a webinar called “Tinto lavanderie, il marketing che fa la differenza” (Drycleaning laundries marketing that makes a difference). How to make your business more attractive and effective”. The speaker was Alessandro Martemucci, a historical participant of Detergo and the owner of Officinae Lean & Digital Marketing.

The extraordinarily attended conference was greatly enriched by the presence of three sector associations managers: Gabriella Platè representing Assosecco (Confcommercio), Francesco Lopedota from CNA and Katia Sbrudolini (who replaced Carla Lunardon) from Confartigianato.

During the virtual meeting, some basic questions were asked and the participants were glad to provide some precise answers. How to re-launch business after the Covid Tsunami? What are the activities to be promoted and the services to focus on in this difficult period?
How to increase the number of customers who would access a dry-cleaning laundry? The policy followed by Alessandro Martemucci was to move from the product focus to the consumer focus, according to the keyword: “Lean Marketing”. A philosophy and a specific direction towards which to shape the business. Beyond the product to sell solutions.

And what are the cornerstones for business innovation? Eco-friendly and green products and services, digitalization and industry 4.0 (to which tax credits areassociated), sanitizing the garments, eliminating the superfluous by focusing on efficiency.
The ideas are countless, from greater reliability and the efficiency of garments delivery, to arranging a Pet Laundry service for our four-legged friends, up to the development of laundry services. The common thread is always the same, guaranteeing the quality of the service by combining it with the wellbeing of the person.

The goal is to provide services and a unique experience for customers by causing a WOW effect, as our marketing expert says, which will therefore, become an augmented memorable experience.

by Marzio Nava

Detergo Magazine July/August 2021