EDITORIAL – AIFL, EXPOdetergo and Detergo: in a continuous change


The change was already widely announced in the closure of EXPOdetergo International 2022 trade show. A brand restyling concerning Assofornitori, EXPOdetergo and Detergo, the latter as a communication system. The only brand changing its name is Assofornitori, which becomes AIFL, Associazione Italiana Fornitori Lavanderie (Italian Association of Laundry Suppliers). We can define it as “a continuous change”, without the risk of falling into an oxymoron. Meaning that the history, the reference models, the values legacy, do not change.

Business models, ways of action are being updated in relation with the changes on the market. And for this reason, the brands had to be revised, appropriately updated and re-launched. Because the context is constantly changing and there is no reason for standing still. Let’s start with a more detailed interpretation of the brands. The premise was to create an EcoSystem, an environmental compatibility, as a value, as a common thread and also a bonding philosophy shared by all three brands. Sustainability is an important topic, doing more with less, this is the goal of our companies and of the three symbols combined in a virtuous system.

But behind the reasoning of the brand reformulation, in addition to sustainability, are standing out the strong points of the recently concluded EXPOdetergo International exhibition: digitalization and hygiene. Because all the laundry system is spinning around these three cornerstones (sustainability, digitalization and hygiene), seen as three goals to be achieved, at the same time. But EcoSistema is also perceived as an organic and heterogeneous whole of different players in a market, that of the laundries, seen as a puzzle with many pieces, each piece belonging to a specific segment: dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning, professional ironing, detergents, textile products, logistics and laundry management systems.

The reference points are always the same: industrial laundry, laundry workshops, small laundry shops, and up to Ho.Re.Ca. It was graphically essential to identify a common element of the system, the process. Understood as a washing process, common to all three brands, but also as a relational or rather associative process, animated by people and companies. Another important element is that of diversity, represented by the elements that are repeating but changing shape. Individual pieces dismantled from the new brand are virtuously used to embellish the magazine, that you will be able to discover under a completely new changed layout for 2023.

A technical magazine, with a new look that makes it easier to be read and more comprehensible. Our goal is to be always supportive to our readers, that is why we consider increasingly essential the presence of the technical articles in the pages of our magazine, useful and important for all market players. A communication system where the magazine interacts with the Detergo.EU portal and social media (Facebook and LinkedIn). The website reached a new traffic record at the end of 2022, exceeding 70.000 unique user visits. It is the magazine’s content digitally conveyed on different devices. This is an achievement that makes us proud and contributes to the further enthusiasm of our daily work.

by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # January 2023