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“Severe dryness, combined with heat waves, have caused an ‘unprecedented stress’ on water resources in the entire European Union,” summarised Mariya Gabriel, member of the European Commission, regarding the data of 2022 published by Copernicus, the European Drought Observatory (EDO). In fact, 64% of Europe is in a state of alert or alarm for water shortage. This scenario requires a common effort for reconsidering the water use with sustainable and water-saving solutions: for the industrial sector, the Laundry sector can be an example for the management of resources.

As a player in the professional cleaning sector, ÈCOSÌ offers its expertise to the laundries for reducing environmental impact. The company producing detergents and disinfectants, is a leader in designing innovative systems for professional, sustainable hygiene and sanitisation, tailored on the customers’ needs.

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Sustainable and efficient products
In its care for the environment, ÈCOSÌ, is not focusing its attention only on detergents and disinfectants formulations, but on the entire product life cycle (Life Cycle Assessment, LCA). For more than ten years, the company has been supplying a wide range of products marked with the Ecolabel (environmental label), such as the entire Elba Multicomponent system for the laundries including Elba, Alkes, Texel and Opera: their environmental impact has been evaluated also taking into account the aspect of the recycling and recovery of the packaging materials.

ÈCOSÌ offers also two eco detergents certified by IEEC – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification: Cenere and Batuffolo are derived from raw materials of 100% vegetable origin and with organic certified essential oils. The company’s commitment towards ecosustainable production is also testified by other product certifications: the laundry disinfectant Aquoxil is certified EPD – Environmental Product Declaration and CFP – Product Carbon Footprint. This medical-surgical device (PMC) is made from peracetic acid: ÈCOSÌ is one of the two authorised companies in Italy to produce this active substance and use it for their own disinfectants. Aquoxil has proven bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficiency. Active even at low temperatures, it is suitable for all types of fabrics, including the most delicate ones, and can be used in any washing process, including the industrial ones.

Water recovery systems
ÈCOSÌ has developed Wos +, a system for recovering the water resulted after the washing process. The tests that have been carried out, have shown a 62% water recovery that is then being reused in the next cycles. With Wos+ system, less detergent is needed: by using the water already containing detergent, you can lower the amount for the following wash. To all of these, we can also add a lower energy consumption, as there will be no further need to reheat the recovery water.

The value of people
With its dedicated technical team, ÈCOSÌ responds to the specific needs of any type of laundry. We are also able to provide real time remote assistance: the technicians can connect via software to the dosing plants developed by ÈCOSÌ, to observe the dosing progress over the entire day. Based on the collected data, we can make recommendations to correct the factors that are influencing dosage difference over the time. It is also possible to modify the washing recipe as required, solving arising problems immediately. Sustainability cannot be entrusted to a single player, it is a shared action: ÈCOSÌ is a reliable partner in its products and services, a company of skilled people looking to the future through a green philosophy. •

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Edited by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # May 2023