È COSÌ, cutting-edge Cleaning makes its debut at EXPOdetergo International


The visitors will be able to discover the products exposed over four different areas. Detergents, disinfectants and cleaning systems developed by the Research & Development lab, Examina, will cover: textiles cleaning, industrial laundry, eco-wash and self-service. On display also other two specific enzyme-based products, a stain remover and a detergent.

È COSÌ, an Italian business that produces detergents, disinfecting products and advanced cleaning systems will participate in EXPOdetergo International for the first time.

The four exhibitive areas are going to present Made in Italy solutions designed by an internal R&D lab of È COSÌ, EXAMINA: mops washing, industrial laundry, Ecolabel cleaning and Self Service will be accompanied by hi tech products and by a recent global service project.

Mop Washing area is dedicated to the certified deter-disinfection of textiles used in cleaning. The system, successfully used in hospitals and health-care structures, guarantees a complete recovery of the original conditions of fabrics by reducing the bacteria presence to zero. In particular, È COSÌ, Officina di Produzione di Presidi Medico–Chirurgici authorised by the Ministry of Health developed AQUOXIL, a product for the disinfection in laundries. The peracetic acid-based formula stabilized in hydrogen peroxide assures a broad range bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action for all types of textiles. It also guarantees safety to final users. What is more, the business covers a key role in the area of new Biocide Regulations that extend all over Europe. As a matter of fact, È COSÌ has been certified by the CE as the Supplier of an active principle in compliance to Law 95, BPR. Aquoxil has been realized using peracetic acid exclusively produced by the company’s internal lab which translates to strict controls, complete traceability and high, certified quality standards.

Industrial Laundry is going to exhibit a centralized dosing system and products that guarantee cleaning efficiency, detergent, water, time and energy saving. It is crucial for industrial laundries to establish the right balance among all the resources. The washing systems by È COSÌ aim at the following: the dosing systems can manage the quantity and the control of costs and consumption levels also from remote in a precise way; technologically advanced products (concentrated and specialized for big, heavy-duty washing centres with high volumes of linen in tunnel washers) allow to wash at low temperatures and guarantee a high level of rinsing that results in the reduction of water and energy waste.

Ecolabel Washing presents an innovative, eco-certified multi component system of four products: ELBA – an enzyme detergent, OPERA – softener, TEXEL – whitener and ALKES alkaline strengthener. The efficiency of washing processes has been validated by carrying out tests indicated by UNI EN ISO 14698-1/2001 Regulation, Appendix E. The quantity test, also qualified to test the bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness of a washing cycle, was carried out on white linen obtaining outstanding results also at 40°C.

Together with Ecolabel certified washing system, È COSÌ also proposes the BIO-LAUNDRY system ICEA certified, made with raw materials of plants origin and fragrances deriving from organic essential oils.

Self Service Laundry is dedicated to coin ops. Great service at good prices is the main objective of self- service laundries. È COSÌ, in order to support this necessity, having already launched their excellent, historical line BIG FLUID, now proposes the TOKEN line that keeps standards high at competitive prices. Both lines go together with PMC Aquoxil that guarantees textile disinfection.

Apart from the systems exposed in the four areas, È COSÌ is going to present two particular products at EXPODetergo: MARTELL PLUS and LEDA AKTIV. They have been realized through an accurate selection of raw materials, enzymes and highly innovative molecules.

Martell Plus is an extremely efficient enzymatic pre-stain remover created with the most technologically advanced materials available on the market. It can remove persistent stains of various kind: from the organic ones to those caused by a marker or a pen; from grease stains to those caused by cosmetic or medical products. It is particularly indicated for natural and synthetic fiber textiles, workwear, uniforms, white coats, bedsheets and kitchen cloths.

Leda Aktiv is an enzymatic detergent able to increase washing performance if compared to a common detergent in spite of the reduced dosage applied. Its enzymatic part can decompose the soil before it is emulsified by surfactants by limiting the quantity of necessary detergent to treat the most persistent stains as well.

È COSÌ has also realized a global service dedicated to industrial laundries. It is called Laundry for Cleaning (LfC) and it allows to sell products and systems by È COSÌ directly. Health care structures, restaurants and hotels can be serviced directly by laundries enriched by the experience, training and assistance offered by È COSÌ. LfC allows to create a new business model by giving the possibility to laundries’ clients to obtain a-360 degrees service.

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