COVER STORY – Unique and global This is the music of IMESA

Da sinistra/From left: Carlo Miotto e Luciano Miotto
Da sinistra/From left: Carlo Miotto e Luciano Miotto

Sales manager Carlo Miotto tells us about the new line of high spin washers designed in collaboration with Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone (Pordenone Technology Center) to combine advanced technology with reduced operating and maintenance costs, which the company from Cessalto plans to exhibit at EXPOdetergo International. We also talk about facts and figures: investing in quality leads to yearly turnover increasing. This once more proves why innovative products entirely Made in Italy continue to be undisputed leaders in all global markets.

Carlo Miotto, sales manager of IMESA, is gearing up for EXPOdetergo International 2014, scheduled in Milan from 3 to 6 October, by taking painstaking care of every single detail as if he were a “grand” symphony orchestra director. “Grand” indeed, as within the company headquarters in the Cessalto district of Treviso each single instrument, front to back, “plays” original music by IMESA, a catchy tune its laundry machines have come to perform across the world. A global market penetration achieved by an increasingly keen understanding of demand from both established and emerging economies and the consequent ability to provide a unique offer in terms of product characteristics, adaptability, long-term reliability as well as transparent business practices.
– Mr. Miotto, EXPOdetergo International is just around the corner. How do you feel?
“Confident and enthusiastic. At EXPOdetergo International we will exhibit products that are more technologically advanced than any others by far, especially two: our 55 kg capacity hygienic barrier washer extractor and our new line of 100 and 125 kg capacity high-spin washer extractors. Both are extremely innovative products which show IMESA is capable of applying the latest technology to the laundry sector. Our LM 100 and LM 125 models are small technological masterpieces designed in close collaboration with Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone. The final product is absolutely innovative and substantially reduces operating and maintenance costs”.picolabarriere_cover
– What can we learn from this type of machines?
“That investing in quality pays off, as shown by the sales growth posted by IMESA in 2014, as well as in 2013 and 2012. Moreover, it shows that Made in Italy is still the undisputed leader for quality and long-term reliability”.
– Made in Italy?
“That’s it. Certainly a strong commitment to investing in the value and possibilities of Made in Italy is what makes us stand out from some of our competitors. We strive to maintain and protect a product designed and built in Italy, so much so that the thought of relocating our production abroad never crossed our minds. IMESA thinks to foreign countries as markets where a Made in Italy excellence can be exported”.LM MAXI
– Your words directly challenge all other Italian companies in the sector.
“By the results achieved, we at IMESA are tangible proof that quality, innovation, and flexibility are the keys for long-term financial success and indisputable leadership. Personally, as the old proverb says, I believe that unity is strength. Perhaps my memories of playing rugby lead me to believe that we can only win as a team. Made in Italy laundry machinery Foothold in foreign markets can be consolidated by reconsidering the tools of the consortium and the network: to unify the excellences of our Country, take the field together under the same flag and show the rest of the world how truly capable and professional we are. Especially so in times like these, with a post-crisis global market that is leaner and yet characterized by increasingly specific demands. I would say: to each their own field”.
– Still on the topic of IMESA, what does the forthcoming EXPOdetergo International event mean?
“That time is more or less relative. Sometimes it flies by, other times it feels like an eternity. In the case of EXPOdetergo International, the four years between the previous and this forthcoming event separate much more than two expos; they mark two different eras in the laundry story as well as in the story of machine manufacturers and service providers”.Rugby
– In which way?
“Just remember the prevailing mood at the 2010 expo. Bewilderment, fast spreading uncertainty, that daunting feeling we were facing a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. We at IMESA immediately noticed and acted upon it in a timely manner, which served us well”.
– What were your thought processes?
“Every one of them pertained to our being aware that the situation was unprecedented from both an economic and historical standpoint, something an event such as EXPOdetergo International seems made to prove”.
– How?
“The huge numbers of exhibitor stands reserved and visitors registered to attend the expo confirm it. Dynamics that can only mean good news and the desire to learn about them. Another factor I deem remarkable is the attitude of exhibitors and visitors alike, meaning the emotional thrill of discovering something new and important. A great portion of the laundries of 2014 may come from a whole other planet compared to those of four years ago. The market changed drastically”.IM 8_TECNOLOGIA
– What makes you say that?
“I can tell you as an insider at IMESA as well as a general market observer”.
– So let’s start with this last.
“Many of the players, ranging from multinational giants to medium-small businesses are still the same, although both the first and all others are fully aware that history and above all our business environment have changed completely. In the era of global integration and permanent communication, no one still works into an unassailable business fortress. We are scattered everywhere, but at the same time we are connected as if we were in a sort of huge laboratory where instead of spying we openly observe each other, knowing that each player in the field has a story, a market, and a wealth of knowledge of its own”.
parlare e ascoltare i partner– How did IMESA notice the change?
“By being on the forefront. The technological orientation that characterizes IMESA has always driven us to develop new communication systems and our washers have been able to communicate with our service centers via GSM for several years now. We keep working on developing new on-line communication tools every day, to keep our distributors constantly informed. It is not by chance that all of our washers are equipped with a touch screen computer system and a USB connection for easily exchanging data with the machine.”
– Hence you rely on advanced technology.
“And the human factor as well. We in fact create our products by listening to direct feedback, and exchanging opinions with those who attend the training courses we organize and host at our company headquarters and in the field at our distributors’ locations. Our key strength still is “custom tailored Italian high fashion design”. IMESA is the only company to offer customers this type of service: we meet with them, assess their individual needs, and build a machine that satisfies each of them not merely ecologiaGRUPPO_VECCHIOfrom an aesthetic standpoint but most importantly in terms of functionality. Together with our customers, the sales/marketing and technical support team define the solution that can best satisfy even the most unusual needs”. Hence it is not by chance that IMESA designed a GSM driven machine control system or decided to permanently forego placing handles on washer portholes”.
– All of this supports your idea of IMESA as a grand orchestra. What tune does it play?
“There are those who play piano and those who move it. But everything happens for the sake of a single, global song”.


IMESA is a leading company in the production of laundry equipment.
We achieved this goal thanks to more than 40 years of total commitment to the continuing challenges to satisfy the growing technological expectation of human beings and meetings changes in lifestyle.
Innovation, quality, safety, versatility, service and reliability: IMESA success is based on this six concepts.
Innovation in technology and proposal.
Quality guaranteed by an UNI EN ISO 9001 certified production system.
Safety of products certified by qualified operational organization in various part of the world.
Versatility and flexibility which allows many possibilities of customization.
Reliability thanks to the solid product structure.
Customer satisfaction is IMESA main achievement.
Thanks to an international and professional net of distributor and to a well-trained service net,
IMESA can assure a global service in Italy, in Europe and in all the world.
During the offer step, IMESA distributors offers a complete support in the correct equipment choice
and complete the job with a financial analysis of the investment as well as with the project.
IMESA can deliver in a very short time thanks to equipment stock in many countries: Italy, Spain, French, Portugal, Algeria, Hungary.
The wide service net can assure a quick technical assistance in case of necessity and the spare parts can be easily purchased in IMESA official website

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