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04 ShowroomThe company from Milan has been a world leader of the sector for over thirty years thanks to its ability to foresee the future which means introducing innovative and winning products such as Pantastar, the machine that made trousers ironing easier, and Princess Ultra whose clamps adapt for any type of garments. Nowadays, the global market welcomes such technological wonders through 150 importers around the world

Run and think. It is Trevil’s secret. It is what makes the Milan company one of the world leaders in the production of professional ironing systems.

Not “run thinking”, that in some way could subordinate the work of mind to the legs. While “run” and “think” become one single thing neither of the two prevails.

Corinna Mapelli
Corinna Mapelli
Felice Mapelli
Felice Mapelli

Let’s have a look at the company’s jewel Pantastar that over the last five years has revolutionized the market of trousers ironing systems. Coherent with their creative and productive leadership in ironing systems, Trevil designers coordinated by engineer Corinna Mapelli, co-owner of the company, could only think on how to solve – well and over the shortest possible time – the “historical” issue regarding trousers: putting together the topper functions used to iron the top with the press used to iron the legs, and creating one machine. Before, it was not only about using two different machines but also about an operator appointed exclusively to manage the passage, often a delicate one, of the garment moving from one machine to another.

Pantastar, a high quality trousers finisher. The only machine able to completely finish creased trousers
Pantastar, a high quality trousers finisher. The only machine able to completely finish creased trousers

“Long but fascinating research and experiments – Corinna Mapelli says – brought us to the solution called TreviXpand, Trevil patent, thanks to which the same machine that irons trousers top exactly like a topper will then automatically prepare the garment for the further legs area pressing. The machine is called Pantastar, and it does not require any specialized personnel as the operations involved are simple and easily acquired”.

Inside the impressive mechanical cage that makes it look like a superhero machine, Pantastar shows off all its technological “glamour” in an exhibition room at the headquarters in Pozzo d’Adda that tells the 34 year-old company’s history spent “running and thinking”. “We got used to it immediately – Felice Mapelli, the president and founder of Trevil, the father of Corinna remembers – since 1982, when a multinational company requested from us a household variant of a professional steam generator right after we founded the company”. Thanks to the experience gained in the sector, a winning couple was born: a boiler with iron named Domina and a folding vacuum board Domostir Plia, whose efficiency reflected in its capability of being fitted into the boot of a R5, the queen economy car of French market chosen as the first landing spot for the new product.

The results were achieved quickly after a great deal of concentrated thought. The running and thinking were already there as the distinctive feature of Trevil’s quality as a trade-mark. It is also, in some way a “mission” that has made the thirty two employees-collaborators of Mapelli father and daughter a real team founded on precise competitive principles. “For a company like ours – engineer Ivan Dall’Argine, in charge of production explains – the speed is always a decisive factor. Only if we capitalize it aiming at the quality at all times, we can continue as the world leaders of this sector. However, in order to keep such high standards, we need to focus and spread our efforts over every single aspect of the business: from the initial research to the final storage of products, optimizing the space and time on the basis of orders flow”.

Trevil’s Presto FC hot plate shirt finisher detail, designed to offer the best finishing quality at top speed
Trevil’s Presto FC hot plate shirt finisher detail, designed to offer the best finishing quality at top speed

And on the other hand, these are all direct orders spread like wildfire over five continents through great offices of 150 importers identified by Trevil to distribute their machines not only to dry cleaning industrial laundries but also to clothing companies where ironing has a highly significant role. The clients at first are often surprised by the speed with which Trevil always simplifies processes, accelerates the time spent and guarantees quality. As far as jacket and coat ironing is concerned, Princess Ultra has become a part of history, a utility tensioning finisher with the ingenious function of the rotating front clamps: the heated one for shirts and wet garments, the cold one for jackets and coats.

A positive surprise also comes from the update of the historical shirt finisher Trevistar, its latest version equipped with a hood and an economizer aimed at energy saving, or from the record performance of its “colleague” Presto that, as the name suggests, works with huge quantities ironing up to sixty shirts per hour.

Again, running and thinking. It counts for the future where the big challenge consists of applying a touch screen to all Trevil core machines software which notoriously simplifies the processes and functions even further. These are important goals requiring not only a strong organization but an added value of the professionalism and passion with which the personnel of Trevil makes it work. “Having such a long product list – Antonella Pirotta, in charge of client relations explains – means managing eight thousand spare part codes, therefore it is crucial to have a constant and very well performing interface with all those representatives all around the world”.

A glimpse at the production
A glimpse at the production

The same global vision is present in the terminal of Mrs Adele Mazza, in charge of export. “According to the latest indications – she says – Trevil has got the possibility to increase its export abroad, to the market that is still a bit difficult today, India”.

It can be a difficult market but the power and the functionality of Pantastar are irresistible, everywhere. As confirmed by Marzio Boni, the Sales Director of Trevil, who says: “Our company can only follow its own technological growth made of automated solutions for ironing systems, also because it is encouraged by authoritative clients who, anywhere they are, always appreciate the constructive quality and high productivity per hour of Trevil equipment. Actually, the areas considered to be the new commercial frontiers until some time ago, today have become consolidated markets that give great visibility to our production, both overseas and in Asia and Middle East, to the point that the demand for Trevil equipment has been rising”.

“Languages and countries can be different – Boni concludes – but the satisfaction of the clients is always the same: they buy from us advanced but easy to use machines, receive a full time technical-commercial support in every part of the world and can always rely on helpful staff available to listen and deal with all kinds of necessities”.


06 Esterno Stabilimento

Trevil designs and manufactures professional ironing equipment and electric steam generators for industrial use.
Founded in the early ’80s, the company is among the top ten international manufacturers of professional ironing systems. With a network of over 150 exclusive importers around the world, its products are sold worldwide successfully.
The Trevil ironing systems are present in the laundering industry (retail drycleaners, industrial laundries and institutional laundries) and in the garment industry (clothing manufacturers, clothing store chains, reconditioning systems).
The Trevil steam generators are used in various types of industrial processes: food processing, beauty treatments, medical disinfection, metal washing. The company designs and builds solutions according to the customer specifications.
The Trevil products are technologically innovative, with exceptional quality and exceed the highest European standards.

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by Stefano Ferrio
Detergo Magazine – February 2016