COVER STORY — The new headquarters of Kannegiesser Italia: a big “house” where business and clients grow


The new headquarters of Kannegiesser Italia with its 280 sq. m. offices area and a-960 sq. m. warehouse opened in Opera near Milan, the same town where the previous headquarters was based. From there, due to its qualified personnel, complete and reliable customer assistance,
Kannegiesser Italia confirms to be an ideal business partner of industrial laundries of XX century. The Managing Director, Alessandro Rolli, reveals: “The new spaces have been designed for us to continue servicing our clients in the best possible way and on permanent basis”.
Another workshop on Vario, Kannegiesser’s continuous batch washer is scheduled for 2018 after the great success and high attendance registered at the previous event in 2017


Kannegiesser Italia, an increasingly important business reality, well rooted in the territory, the main player of today whose constant development has always involved the clients. This is what the new headquarters is telling us just a few months before  EXPOdetergo International 2018, a textile care exhibition scheduled in Milan for October 2018. It will welcome Kannegiesser as an exhibitor among the absolute global leaders of the sector. As far as moving offices is concerned everyone knows how important the “feeling at home” is. We know how nice and satisfactory it can be as it means security, mature relationships and sharing experiences.

Home implies trust because we enter family-like atmosphere, where we meet people we know, and where everyone has their own, right place.
“We would like to talk about a new house and not just about the new headquarters of Kannegiesser Italia”  says Alessandro Rolli, the MD of Kannegiesser Italia while welcoming us in via del Lavoro 14 Street  in the town of Opera near Milan, at a huge, new headquarters building. In that same town, in the nearby via Pavese Street, there used to be the previous headquarters where Kannegiesser Italia operated until 2017. The change was consequent to Kannegiesser’s constant development. The area dedicated to offices at this new headquarters-house is 280 sq. m. and the warehouse is almost a thousand sq. m. Bigger and adequate dimensions smartly follow the current network of Kannegiesser’s clients and its further growth, and guarantee the customer Assistance, that in case of Kannegiesser is to be written with capital A considering the achievement of absolutely high standards in terms of time, skills and interventions management.

The daily work refers to majestic, complex and technologically advanced machines such as continuous batch washers, finishing tunnels, management systems, feeding and folding machines, ironers, dryers and disinfection sluices.
As a matter of fact, we are talking about the Italian branch of a German brand known as a world leading brand of the textile care sector. Consequently, this type of a change directly involves hundreds of businesses that, spread all over the peninsula, have become consolidated clients of Kannegiesser Italia: important heavy-duty laundries operating in fields like health care, hospitality and nursing homes.

“These excellent businesses choose Kannegiesser’s  excellent products driven by the concept of similarity  as such – Rolli continues – and for this reason, they feel quite involved in the starting of our new headquarters.
Simply because who manages and runs these businesses, knows perfectly well that moving means important, new perspectives. It means making the most of the opportunities offered by the new and bigger space in terms of product design, production and assistance. Our clients will keep feeling at home here, just like they did at the previous headquarters. They will be warmly welcomed by a structure that has been designed and managed according to and following their needs, and projected towards new research and resource optimization programs”.
Alessandro Rolli’s words perfectly reflect the philosophy expressed over seventy years of Kannegiesser’s history. Founded in 1948 by Herbert Kannegiesser, an engineer, it has become an indisputable main player in the history of industrial laundries. Thanks to his incredible intuition, Mr. Kannegiesser offered his clients the entire productive cycle they needed. After the death of the founder in 1974, his son, Martin Kannegiesser, became the President. The headquarters  is based in Vlotho, Germany.

Consequently, one of the most important features of  Kannegiesser’s business relationships is that they are based on the total reliability of a supplier. A supplier actually becomes a business partner to the same extent it decisively participates in the development and growth of clients’ businesses due to the quality of the machines offered. “This explains why, – Alessandro Rolli says – since the first day at the new headquarters we all have been focused on optimizing the new space so that we can fully meet the expectations of everyone who feels “at home” here: our current and future clients”.
Turning to the human factor at Kannegiesser Italia, the staff, their skills and good relationship abilities are represented by nineteen employees and twenty-eight professionals of the assembling team.

A “team” that is ready to take the field every day and keep the quality levels extremely high. It is composed of Sales Department, Assistance, Administration, Project Management, Spare Parts and After-Sales Services. “Indeed, – Rolli observes – what do the clients of Kannegiesser Italia need to know? That we can further improve our level of efficiency at the new headquarters, that we can invest in diagnostics technology and that there will be a highly efficient, renewed capacity warehouse to their disposal. As a matter of fact, the above elements have always been crucial as they constitute an added, exclusive value for any business together with a constant, responsible support and presence”.

“Do you think you might be having a problem at your laundry? First of all, we make sure we have the best, free of charge telephone assistance – explains the MD of Kannegiesser Italia. – We know from experience that the majority of problems signaled were then solved by a simple telephone diagnosis or by a correctly applied procedure or again, by a couple of commands to be set on an operative mode. Needless to say, what is crucial here is, on the one hand, a fully professional availability of the Service that Kannegiesser Italia provides to its clients, and on the other hand, a perfect functioning of the remote assistance guaranteed by our company. These two elements have always been operative, and now they will be further enhanced by  the new headquarters. Its optimal design will enable us to continue servicing our clients in the best possible way working on permanent projects”.

The figures fully support Alessandro Rolli’s words: a-960 sq. m. warehouse has been designed in proportion to the number of machines installed in Italy, including an extra space for a small show room.
The new headquarters definitely reflects Kannegiesser Italia’s identity. Its definition and objectives simply translate to obtaining a success by Kannegiesser’s clients.
A workshop hosted by Lavanova industrial laundry based in Romano d’Ezzelino, Vicenza last autumn was a great success. There, Kannegiesser presented their new continuous batch washer, Vario. The attendance was above expectations as the event triggered great interest of many textile sector operators coming from all over Italy. “A truly positive experience – comments Alessandro Rolli – which proves the existence of Kannegiesser’s strong roots in this country together with a total reliability that our brand demonstrated. We are actually going to repeat the event in year 2018 at a new location and present interesting and useful topics
again. We aim at stimulating discussions, competition and the growth of the sector”. •

annegiesser Italia

Via del Lavoro, 14
20090 Opera MI
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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine – February 2017