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COVER STORY — Rotondi group, 4.0 laundry innovation

ROTONDI GROUP, a world leading business in the design and production of garment finishing machines for more than 40 years, has broadened the ironing equipment offer by launching flatwork finishing and folding machine range onto the laundry market. Since 2012, the business can offer any type of an ironing machine and meet market requests at 360° as far as garment finishing, linen treatment and flatwork are concerned which translates to a real revolution of the company’s production range. Today, ROTONDI GROUP has become a reliable and indispensable partner for those willing to open a new laundry or a dry-cleaning business but also for those who are interested in expanding the business or transforming it from a traditional dry-cleaning shop into an industrial laundry or a coin op.

For more than 40 years, ROTONDI GROUP has offered high product quality, service efficiency and technological evolution. All that was certified and recognized in 2018 for Quality management system according to EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.
Every year, thousands of clients all over the world, from a small tailoring lab in Naples to a dry-cleaning shop in Bangkok, from a self-service in Barcelona to a historical industrial laundry in Milan, from an international jeans production business in Bangladesh to an Italian haute couture producer, from a small B&B in Trentino to a five-star resort in Bora Bora, rely on the skill and unquestionable quality of the machines produced by ROTONDI GROUP.

ROTONDI GROUP is an exclusive distributor of IPSO laundry machines in Italy. The brand belongs to ALLIANCE LAUNDRY SYSTEMS, an international group producing: washing machines, dryers and ironing machines for commercial and professional laundries.
Since 2012, ROTONDI GROUP has enlarged its production by adding to the finishing machines and the IPSO range its own range of flatwork ironing and folding machines for industrial laundry: self-drying flatwork ironers ACE series with front laundry outlet (standard wall type model) or rear outlet (throughput model); self-drying belt ironing machines with built-in  lengthwise folding units JOKER series; self-drying belt ironing machines with a built-in system for longitudinal and crossways folding, as well as side stacking MAGIK series; universal semi-automatic counter model feeders with aspiration and 1 loading station KING series; universal feeders for medium and large pieces with 1 or 2 work lines QUEEN series; folding machines for small flatwork DIAMOND series; folding machines for towels with manual and automatic selection POKER series.
Over just few years, the growing figures regarding the new product range have confirmed the right intuition of the business that has led to the opening towards the “new” market of flatwork ironing. As a matter of fact, today, the machines are exported to numerous foreign countries through a consolidated and efficient network of local distributors, and ROTONDI’s flatwork ironing machines have been installed at many prestigious laundry businesses all over the world.

The crown jewel of the ironing and folding machines range for industrial laundry is, without doubt, the MAGIK series. As the name suggests it, it is a versatile and smart machine with compact dimensions yet, high productivity and high quality finishing, in one word “magic”. It groups more functions in a single machine “block”: linen feeder, longitudinal and crossways folding, lateral stacking, space saver and lower running costs. MAGIK is available with gas, steam or electric heating in three roller diameter versions, 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm for 2 working widths: 2600 mm and 3300 mm.
The gas heated machines are provided either with the traditional atmospheric burner or, as an optional, with a new premix burner that allows to improve the energy efficiency even more, by about 25%. All the numerous available machine models, that can be customized through a wide range of accessories, lead to very high hourly productivity even when operated by just a single operator (large pieces, e.g. double bed sheets worked by an automatic feeder operating on 1 workstation).

Research and development allowed the business to apply new technologies to machines by request of the clients, which has made it possible for the industrial automation to integrate new technology to increase the quantity and the productive quality of machines, to create new business opportunities and improve work conditions at laundries according to the principles of 4.0. INDUSTRY also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ROTONDI’s machines allow to move from the old concept of laundry to a SMART laundry where various processes are interconnected and digitalized. “Produce more while wasting less” is the new mantra that is guiding the choices of the inspired businesses and the always more and more careful world as far as the “GREEN” issues and the environmental protection go.
All this has been confirmed and demonstrated by ROTONDI’s clients who use the calenders and folding machines every day and who have benefited from them in terms of quantity and production quality increase, work conditions improvement and energy efficiency increase. In one word, they produce more using less. Among the many clients, the exemplary endorsement as far as ROTONDI’s industrial ironing machines go, there is the BEZZI Adriano Laundry Service, a historical laundry based in Settimo Milanese, “èl lavandé de Milan” since 1887 and the Da Giuliano laundry, an important laundry based in Milan since 1946.

ROTONDI GROUP is therefore, an ideal partner for industrial laundry as it meets all the necessities of a modern industrial and commercial laundry by offering machines fully produced in Italy, provided with Italian technology, quality and Italian design. The business is also open to foreign trends and it often gets the ideas for its R&D from over 200 foreign countries where ROTONDI GROUP has traditionally always exported to.




Via Fratelli Rosselli, 14/16
20019 Settimo Milanese MI
Tel: +39 0233501224
Fax: +39 0233501329


edited by Marzio Nava



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