COVER STORY –Renzacci’s world From Città di Castello to Las Vegas


The American Clean Show reveals to be an ideal showcase for the Group from Umbria, a leader in laundry machines production that, together with their USA division dedicated to that market specifically will exhibit at this global fair in Nevada. It will be an occasion to admire Renzacci’s catalogue with its 390 models ranging from wet cleaning to personal cleaning and proposing advanced solutions in terms of alternative solvents, multi-combined techniques, energy saving and high quality electronic programming



The Clean Show that starts on 5 June has been created on purpose to prove that, in the globalized world in year 2017, the distance between Las Vegas, where the world fair dedicated to laundry is going to take place, and Città di Castello, where Gruppo Renzacci’s headquarters is situated, equals zero.

This is also due to the fact that on the other side of the ocean the RENZACCI USA has been successfully operating for years now. The overseas structure gives support to clients of this important market by offering a highly professional service in supplying original spare parts, exceptionally reliable technical assistance as well as information and machines sales.

Moreover, Renzacci USA offers the exclusive RENZACCI US SCHOOLING AND TRAINING CENTER ON DRYCLEANING AND WET CLEANING MACHINES, where it manages a continuous and complete training on machines and the most innovative techniques on wet and dry cleaning.


                       RENZACCI USA Schooling and Training Center on Dry cleaning and Wet Cleaning Machines


All this is simply because innovation and quality, that are the reasons for any respectable fair to exist, are actually two kinds of input that the Italian company’s trend is all about. The figures are: 52 years of company history, 130 employees, a 15-thousand square meter factory, 390 produced models, export to 120 countries, 7% of the turnover invested in research.

To acknowledge all this, it is enough to visit stand 1685 at the Clean Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Renzacci is ready to prove that it alone can make a 360-degree point, leaving nothing behind and focusing on the news and the future of the laundry through an incredibly rich both dry and wet cleaning machines range, as well as ETL and CSA APPROVED driers.

To get a clearer view, let us move on by units.

NEW ALTERNATIVE SOLVENTS – The most advanced natural solvents dry-cleaning machine versions are going to be exhibited in Las Vegas. We are talking about isoparaffins, silicone and modified alcohol. The new exclusive models that use Sensene, System K4®, Intense® won’t be missing as well. Also on display, innovative versions that make the most of Green Earth®, HIGLO® and Genex® properties.

BIO DRY CLEANING NEBULA 2.0 – Following the great number of innovations introduced by Renzacci, the Nebula model is truly irresistible. The first multi solvent dry–cleaning machine that uses Combiclean System, an exclusive multi-combined washing system. What it means is that it has the client chose, among many available alternatives, the best combination of the dynamic washing action of solvent on the fibers according to the type of the treated garment. Let us not forget that Nebula uses the new DSF™ system (Dinamic Saving Flow), that reduces the installed power by 45% increasing, at the same time, the energy saving by about 40%; without giving up on an extremely well performing washing cycle timing.

WET CLEANING AND PERSONAL CLEANING – Moving on to wet cleaning, the Renzacci Laundry Division, thanks to its continuous, innovative and updating action, is able to offer an advanced and innovative series of wet cleaning machines for cleaning sector professionals who use the WET CLEANING technique. It ranges from 25 to 265 lb, able to provide not only the highest washing performance but also time, water and energy saving.

In such context, it is enough to keep in mind the technological superiority of the new electronic programming device AQUATRON® in WET CLEANING mode. It offers infinite possibilities to set the number of rotations during the washing cycle and during the tumble drying phase, to set the time of the pause as well as the direction of the drum rotation and use the innovative system of regulating and continuous temperature monitoring   “ECO-MIX®”.

We can see the same product quality in the exclusive super dryers HS Ecocare by Renzacci. They are equipped with an eco-friendly water recovery system that has been studied and designed aiming at the increase in the washing machines performance and a sharp costs reduction. It has obtained up to 40% reduction in water consumption and 15% in energy consumption.

These productive characteristics can immediately be verified starting from the original recovery system “Superstorage” – Water reclaiming system, able to guarantee a fast and an extremely reliable flow while speeding up water circulation to the maximum and quickly allowing for the next washing cycle to start.


SELF SERVICE – The “home” of self-service laundries, the USA, has successfully welcomed the new and advanced coin-op washing machines and driers. After the success achieved in the North and South America thanks to the innovative characteristics of machines, sales are booming also in Europe. Last but not least is the new Renzacci RZ series of closed circuit driers with full air recovery.

Once again, the series has turned out to be outstanding as far as its originality and cost reduction go. It offers an enormous variety of advantages to its owners, among which there is the possibility of almost completely eliminating the external drain and exhaust tubes or the costly and bulky ventilation devices. There is no need to make holes or any structural changes to places where the activity is placed while taking advantage of energy saving thanks to the integrated revolutionary total recovery system and a double air flow system.




In the light of the upcoming Clean Show in Las Vegas 2017, if Francesco De Gregori’s lyrics are true saying that “we are the History”, these words are absolutely relevant to Renzacci’s brand.

As a matter of fact, if we agree with the Roman song writer that everyone of us is not only a part of the history, but we are also able to direct its development through our ideas and actions, the example of Renzacci spa, a leading industry in laundry machines production becomes the actual proof of it. For a simple reason that, for over fifty years now, ever since the company was founded in Città di Castello back in 1965, its role has been so constant and decisive in terms of research that it has relevantly contributed to the “writing” of the laundry history. Those actually were the intentions of the founder, the commendator Azelio Renzacci, who did his best to start the factory with great enthusiasm in his beloved Città di Castello where he was born, and where his children, Gabrio and Donatella, have been running the company since 2001. After receiving such a successful inheritance, Gabrio and Donatella revolutionized the company, in the most positive sense of the word, by investing in innovation continuously. Today, they proudly possess one of the most advanced research and development laboratories of the sector together with an international permanent training center on the machines and dry and wet cleaning techniques among the most complete and efficient in the world.

A typical family business from Umbria in their way of presenting the love for their land to the world. What the Gruppo Renzacci has in its DNA indeed, are the characteristics of an active participant in the laundry history creation. They do it through their machines and patents that have contributed to the revolutionary change started in the beginning of the century, and still in progress. Ever since, an excellent laundry does not limit itself to the concept of obtaining something “clean” only but it works for the all-embracing and wholesome “well-being” whose fundamental values are ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, BIO-COMPATIBILITY, ECO-SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY SAVING. These are the parameters used to measure innovation today. Innovation has always been the only leading way for Renzacci. This true fact reappears every time the Renzacci’s thought inspires a real birth of new bio-laundries, through partnership relations, spread all over Italy today.

We become aware of all that in the view of the upcoming Clean Show. A truly representative fair of the American market where Renzacci brand feels “at home”. When, on the other side, the home-page of Renzacci-USA website, specifically dedicated to the American market reads “A leading authority in dry cleaning and wet cleaning equipment”, we have just got the impression of facing a company able to convey such a highly qualified image, a “guiding authority” that has followed their important growth track made of challenges and choices.

Playing a major role in the USA is a vivid demonstration of a “360-degree washing” which is so special, not by chance, to Renzacci’s Sales Director, Marco Niccolini. Where such an integral cleaning process circularity necessarily consists of the American way of laundering that has been acquired and founded on the basis of the total alternative to PERC, not used anymore because of the regulations followed in the USA today. “If we come back to this Clean Show as main characters, – Niccolini says – it is first of all, due to our investments in the research. Renzacci invests 7% of the turnover in it. It is quite a high amount thanks to which Renzacci can apply and follow our concept line of “Cleanliness & Well-being”, and where the two ideas coincide with the needs and trends of every market”.

“Otherwise – Niccolini continues – we would not be able to present a catalogue that includes almost 400 models supporting the global vocation that allows us to be an excellent competitor everywhere we go: where the new bio dry-cleaning is applied and where the choice goes for the wet cleaning. In both cases, Renzacci rigorously sticks to the only qualifying goal for the whole laundry business: Cleanliness & Well-being”.

All true. Provided that we want to underline the mythological washing machine, Hygena, that in 1978 was an outcome of excellent collaboration with the microbiological institute of Perugia University. It resulted in the absolutely outstanding anti-bacterial action of the machine, which actually takes us to the present bio-laundries that are the very basis for Renzacci Group success. The “Cleanliness & Well-being” is never going to be a happy end but rather a beginning of new and enthusiastic goals yet to come.




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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine Aprile 2017