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Renzacci S.p.a. and its strong traditional innovative power rely on the ceaseless activities of research and development of new technologies in which the business invests about 7% of the total annual turnover. Since 1965, Renzacci Spa has not stopped anticipating the future in the sector of the machines and the industrial laundry technologies through numerous patents and innovations able to protect their exclusivity as the only company that can guarantee it to the collaborators all over the world

Among many, it is worth mentioning some of the most famous products worldwide by Renzacci:

  • HYGENA SUN 2001™: an exclusive series of ultraviolet rays dry-cleaning machines, unique in offering high quality cleaning and an effective additional antibacterial action without the use of any chemical products.
  • SPEED MASTER: a revolutionary, the fastest in the world dry-cleaning machine with the highest number of imitation attempts.
  • Exclusive STILLS WITH OPTIMIZED THERMIC OUTPUT, incomparable as far as efficiency and low consumption go.
  • NO FLEX FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: the filtering system uses the most advanced cloths made of super-filtration materials with high output.
  • OCEANO: an innovative system that goes beyond the WET CLEANING thanks to dedicated machines that have been designed and studied by the Renzacci to obtain high quality results. The system applied distinguishes itself by sustainability, recovery and re-use of energy.
  • A closed-circuit dryer of the RENZACCI RZ range with the full recovery of the air flow. It allows to sharply reduce the energy consumption and the installed power. What is more, thanks to these machines, it is not necessary to install an external exhaust or expensive and bulky ventilation systems at all.
  • A sanitizing and hygienizing cabinet, I-GENIUS 2.0 was awarded an important Smart Label prize by the Politecnico di Milano on the occasion of the Host exhibition.
  • A new range of MACHINES WITH SANITARY BARRIER WB has launched a new concept of washing thanks to a pass-through system, a double loading door for separation between the contaminated and the clean areas.

“Renzacci invests

7% of the turnover

in research and development”

A complete and wide range of machines
Without doubts, the innovation that drives and characterizes the Renzacci Spa allows the business to offer one of the most complete machines range in the world today with more than 295 models and versions that meet the market requests from 120 countries where the company is present. Their dry-cleaning machines models range from 6 to 160 Kg capacity and offer an incredibly rich number of versions that do not only use traditional solvents but they also work with natural solvents, e.g. the new series of BIO DRY-CLEANING MACHINES.

Among the most important ones there is the latest generation of the EXCELLENCE 2.0 series and NEBULA 2.0 machines. All the machines have been designed to efficiently work with solvents like SENSENE ®, INTENSE®, SOLVON K4®, GREEN EARTH®, HIGLO®, etc.
Industrial washing machines from 8 to 120 Kg capacity also offer a vast choice of versions:

  1. soft mounted high spin versions
  2. hard mounted drum versions with high extract speed
  3. hard mounted drum versions with regular extraction

Dryers range from 9 to 120 Kg capacity and offer a wide choice of models and stacked dryers.
Drying ironers: the models range from small versions to those with the ironing surface of 3.2 m.

Renzaccis’ continuous focus on quality and innovation has been reflected by important certifications the business obtained in many countries including ETL in the USA, GOST (Russia), CSA (Canada), NF in France, Workcover Authority in Australia and TUF in Germany.

 The future passes through bio dry-cleaning
There is a clear and irreversible revolution in progress in the textile care sector. It concerns the concept of what used to be called dry-cleaning. The revolution is called BIO DRY-CLEANING that sees the innovative action combined with the BIO DRY-CLEANING MACHINES BY RENZACCI and natural solvents in order to offer results that have never been reached before as far as garments treatment and maintenance are concerned. First of all, the machines offer a service that goes beyond just quality cleaning as it also leads to wellbeing. The business wanted to emphasize the concept by creating CLEANBIO, a brand that reflects all the most important points that have contributed to reaching the results in the re-launch of dry-cleaning (now bio dry-cleaning) worldwide.

This is how the new BIO DRY-CLEANING MACHINES by Renzacci, EXCELLENCE 2.0 and NEBULA 2.0 series have been designed. They work with the new “COMBICLEAN” System technology, an exclusive natural cleaning system with multi-combined cleaning technology. It is unique because for the first time, it gives clients the possibility to choose among many available alternatives that translates to the best combination of a dynamic action of cleaning by the solvent on the fibers in relation to the type of treated garment.

What is more, EXCELLENCE 2.0 and NEBULA 2.0 use the new DSF™ (Dynamic Saving Flow) system that significantly reduces the installed power and increases the ENERGY SAVING by about 40% without giving up on an extremely reduced time of cleaning cycles. All this make of these products the top of the range in the PRODUCTIVITY AND SPEED category.

The Oceano Renzacci system, a new aspect of washing
After many years of the continuous and damaging commercial policies for textile cleaning industry that have led to the interpretation of the WET CLEANING as opposed to the dry-cleaning due to numerous triumphalist adverts on the possibility of treating “all and everything” only by washing it, today the moment of better clarity is emerging slowly but firmly. It will undoubtedly allow to evaluate the situation more comprehensibly. Also, thanks to the OCEANO, a new washing method by RENZACCI that has overcome the WET CLEANING due to the innovative techniques it has introduced. They focus on highly efficient methods of washing to be used with professional washing machines and professional chemical products only.

OCEANO is based on three main elements:

  • High quality washing
  • Sustainability
  • Recovery and re-use of energy.

Let us start with the revolutionary TECHSTREAM SYSTEM that optimizes the water load factor, it minimizes the mechanical flutter and maximizes the hydrokinetic action of washing and the property of the products. It translates to high quality washing results with extremely reduced time of washing cycles.
Moreover, OCEANO can count on a combined action of the exclusive Ecocare™ System and a closed-circuit dryer. Due to their numerous and advanced systems such as the innovative Superstorage System and the new computer software, OCEANO allows to reduce water consumption between 45% and 60% and the energy consumption between 20% and 40%.

Oceano offers real and tangible sustainability that stops the water and energy dispersion as it recycles both of them in order to re-use them in the next cycles. It also provides a simple solution in terms of the plant construction by eliminating the costly vacuuming hoods and external exhaust systems.

Multimedia interaction between the operator and the machine, Renzacci’s excellence
Renzacci Spa has dedicated work and energy to equip the machines with interactive technology that allows the clients not only to monitor the machines from remote but also to interact with them both to carry out actions without standing in front of the machines physically and to be able to obtain important information on the cost analysis and the profitability of the business.

“The Intellectus system

monitors the work

and the profitability of businesses

in real time”

The following devices prove the accomplishment of important objectives in the fields of garment washing and dry-cleaning:

  • MY BRAIN: an eclusive app that allows to monitor and interact with the dry-cleaning machine as if the operator was standing in front of it looking at the advanced Renzacci I-BRAIN computer in action.

Moreover, thanks to MY BRAIN the operator can obtain a lot of information that enables them to follow the productivity and the operative flows of the business which makes this significant innovation by Renzacci optimal to be applied to processes linked to industry 4.0.

  • INTELLECTUS: an advanced interactive system available for both the OPL laundries and self-service. It allows to monitor the work and the profitability of the business in real time. It also enables to calculate the production costs, monitor income and profits. What is more, Intellectus provides a significant interactive impact as it allows to send various information in customized way to clients.




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edited by Marzio Nava