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Parotex, with its headquarters in Busto Arsizio near Varese, produces textile for industrial laundries, hotels and restaurants.
Parotex, with its headquarters in Busto Arsizio near Varese, produces textile for industrial laundries, hotels and restaurants. The business was successfully founded in 1976 by Gelmino Rovea and associates. The main activity at that time, consisted of supplying textiles to important hotel businesses. However, strong passion and the ability to plan the future ahead, soon made Parotex become a leading business in producing and selling textile products.
Today, the company is owned by the Rovea family exclusively. It is run by Gelmino Rovea, his daughter Stefania and his son, Andrea, who give their precious contribution to the building and growth of a reliable business by investing in people, technology and research.

The excellence of PAROTEX production is based on the control of the entire production chain combined with solid competences in terms of product development and on
the continuous technological innovation that allows to fully meet the clients’ needs and requests.
Every stage of the production cycle is carried out in Italy by specialized staff, from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

“Every stage of the production cycle
is carried out in Italy”

The weaving room is equipped with a group of technologically advanced machines whose structure allows to weave at different heights producing textiles that can reach up to 350 cm of height.The collaboration with highly qualified bleaching and dyeing businesses guarantees a dynamic and efficient service that enables to sample new colors and manage small batches of fabrics.
The finishing stage is carried out directly, which guarantees extremely high standards and flexibility The fundamentals of Parotex company policy became the base to the foundation of Casarovea in 2008, a brand that translates to a precise image, a product and service dedicated to international markets with the objective to supply the best hotels and restaurants in the world with quality and Italian style as far as tablecloths, bedding and bathroom linen are concerned.
Parotex participated in Host, the International Hospitality trade exhibition in Milan with the Casarovea brand.

The new entries exhibited at the show were numerous: among many, there was the new collection called Re:New, a textile line for table linen made of yarns coming from re
cycled plastic bottles.
The evolution of individual conscience and the growing attention towards the quality of life lead to the increase in the awareness of how the careless exploitation of natural
resources and bad waste disposal in some cases, can be harmful and dangerous to the environment and the survival of some species. It is important to help understand that individual choices can actually make the difference. This collection aims at giving a small contribution in this regard.

Some other new entries relate to the new bedding collection by Casarovea called EZcare (Easycare finishing). It is an innovative, hypoallergenic and ecological treatment that
makes cotton bed sheets extremely soft. They do not shrink and take less time to dry, which translates to energy saving as they come out of the tumbler dryer without creases.
Casarovea has enriched its already consolidated Ecofriendly collection with more than 100 variants of color and design patterns. The bedding line, Bagno & Spa, has been
further developed by offering the exclusive service called Casarovea Bespoke for Casarovea clients.

A highly qualified team follows every step of clients’ projects by presenting digital solutions through which clients can visualize all the product possibilities and choose the fabrics, colors e pattern together as well as the customized finishing which guarantees the maximum exclusivity. Realising samples that suit any kind of environment allows clients to better comprehend the final result.

“The point of strength: the collection of
more than 1000 pattern and color variants”

Casarovea products are made of the best Italian fabrics with the use of the best Italian craft. All the pieces are tailored through a manually executed cut with the grain line,
piece by piece, to obtain higher stability.

All the fabrics are thoroughly controlled after the weaving, dyeing and after the finishing stage in order to guarantee our clients with an excellent quality product. What reflects the very core of the brand are the exceptional quality of products, innovative design and the passion to create something unique that will meet clients’ requests and necessities. •

Via Massari Marzoli, 17
21052 Busto Arsizio I Varese I Italy
T: +39 0331 341340

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