We are proud to celebrate 40 years of innovation and sustainability in chemistry industry

Montega® srl was founded in 1980 in Rimini as a producer of industrial, textile, professional and institutional Ho.Re.Ca. detergents. The company managed to maintain a stable position on the market while growing steadily and continuously. In 2003, the business expanded and moved to Misano Adriatico. The constant growth over time has proved their excellent ability to meet the market requests quickly and efficiently which allowed to access not only the Italian market but also the European and international ones. Over the years, by significantly investing in research and their chemistry lab specialists, Montega® has adopted the Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and the Certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015, taking the road towards eco-sustainability and eco-responsibility

Certified Quality
and Environmental

For this reason, all the production cycles are carried out with the use of clean energy deriving from the company photovoltaic plant. Due to the plant, the energy used in relation to the industrial activities such as production and the transfer of Montega® products,
equal to zero CO2 emissions. The solution contributed to the increase in the level of sustainability by Montega® allowing to reach the next objective called Ecodegn ISO 14006, and leading to the creation of M-Lab Garment University in 2017 that is the second headquarters of Montega® in Riccione. Thanks to the study oriented towards the definition of new textile treatments, Montega® has become a bridge connecting the chemical industry with the textile industry and fashion. In 2018, in order to improve the production in regard to the relative certifications, an investment in automation was made to increase the distribution in Italy and abroad. As a matter of fact, the participation of Montega® in EXPOdetergo International trade show in Milan that year had confirmed the leading position of the business in the industrial laundry sector. The realization of the sales network was managed by Venere Mattioli, the Sales Director for Industrial Laundry, who, together with a team of experts led by Roberto Vallorani, supported the clients by satisfying all their requests.

The collaboration with the technical staff and the role of the Director were crucial in the further increase of the Italian imprint by Montega® in industrial laundries thanks to the presence of the collaborators in several areas in Italy, which resulted in a more efficient and quick service. Always constantly focused on the research and new solutions that would reconcile the request for the highest washing standards with the necessity to protect the environment, new automated devices called DOSITOUCH have been designed.
The Ecosystem Automatism is the new formula by Montega®. It allows for an automated dosage through a remote assistance, which is crucial today because of the current pandemic. The entire washing process is fully managed by a computer using traditional and/or eco-friendly products.

Montega, an
and eco-responsible

Having taken textile samples to Montega® R&D department, more than 200 washing schemes were designed based on the EMPA 103 and EMPA 300 strips for quality and durability standards. Are we sure that the imprint of our laundries and products is
lower than the limits supported by our planet? Are we certain that we are in line with our planet’s rules? Temperature, dosage, products, water. All these parameters translate to the Footprint of Water and Carbon Dioxide, that is “the imprint” produced by a washing cycle in terms of water and energy. Montega® can calculate these two parameters in advance thanks to a calculator developed by their R&D. Entering the products, dosage, temperatures and the bath ratio data, the two Footprint figures are calculated so that we can actually understand whether the ecological imprint could decrease by modifying some of the Haparameters.

It can be calculated starting from the pre-washing stage to the drying stage, which stands for a complete assistance that has always distinguished the Montega® team. Following the same viewpoint, the Monten® White System was designed. It is a new linen bleaching system that includes the following products: Deter Green, Clean Sg Nature, Soft Nature, Monten® Cl and Ox Activ Plus. The products have all been proposed for the authorization request pursuant to an ex Art.55.1. BPR as biocidal, together with the analysis of the bactericidal effect that eliminates 99,999% of bacteria. The tests that were carried out at our R&D lab can confirm the total elimination of stains from white table cloths and, first of all, from the colour table cloths keeping the colours intact and bright. Our washing technical specialists guarantee excellent results, energy saving and less water consumption both in tunnel washers and professional washers.

To complete their “Green Chemistry”, Montega® has chosen a further proof: ZDHC, an acronym for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals. Montega® possesses 73 registered products among which there are GOTS certified products. The acronym stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, that has allowed to collaborate with one of the world top brands with the focus on the transparency principles and the chemical substances management
according to the integrated approach in terms of prevention and safety. Soft BQ, Blancomax Pe, Clean SG Orange, Follante GS, Matic White PS, Monblanc Color, Monblanc Polvere: these are only some of the products meeting the restrictive parameters
that allow for the spraying applications in industrial tunnel washers, e.g. Igientex Soft Cloud, a product that helps obtain a better softness and a complete sanitization.

Also, the new H-Cleanin Nature, Wet Cleaning Green translate to a low Footprint impact,
closing the sustainability range by Montega®. Montega® has promoted their research and development also in collaboration with two prestigous istitutions: The University of
Bologna, the Center of Rimini, and the University of Urbino.

The research work has been structured around microplastics as one of the currently often discussed topics, which allowed to evaluate the products by Montega® positively. Montega® is ready to manage any request for technical support by making available: their team of technical experts, tailor-made chemical solutions, products quantities for testing. More information
on www.montegauno.com.

A big thank you for having gone through this
difficult year TOGETHER.
We wish you a Happy 2021!


by Marzio Nava