COVER STORY — Montanari equipment for industrial laundries: the key to enter 4.0 Industry



This company based in Modena area supplies industrial laundries with linen transport systems that enable all the key players of the market today to participate in the revolution of work organisation and production.

Montanari’s four clearly distinguished points of strength include: advanced, automatic transport systems, complete interconnection, sensors provided to all the machines that make part of the process, Information and Operation Technology integration together with the possibility of remote assistance guaranteed by Montanari Control Room


Montanari Engineering Construction s.r.l. based in Modena area was founded in the early ’50s. Initially, the activity related to internal transport of goods in various production sectors (textile, food, etc.).
Since 1980, Montanari has been specialised in industrial laundry sector. The business offers solutions and transport systems based on highly advanced technology that best meets the requests of the clients. The  solutions and systems by Montanari are able to improve the productivity (with the particular focus on costs reduction) and to simplify the work by applying highly technological solutions to its organization.
The systems combine perfectly well with the objectives provided by 4.0 industry that works with the businesses willing to seize opportunities deriving from the fourth industrial revolution. Specifically, all the solutions by Montanari fall into the category of  technological transformation goods that according to “INDUSTRIA 4.0” model are subjected to consistent tax concession as far as Italian market is concerned.
Montanari Engineering and Construction has further developed the IT department over the last years knowing that innovation applied to the solutions is strictly connected to data information evolution, the new paradigm of the future. “Industry 4.0” revolution therefore, will also concern linen management in industrial laundries; it will allow to analyse productivity, transport and delivery in a way that makes it possible to monitor and intervene as far as processes go in order to obtain excellent efficiency rate.
Montanari plants are equipped with specific software that has been developed directly by the company, therefore focused on specific needs expressed by industrial laundries. It is calibrated on data to be provided for each area of competence. Data information allows to manage linen perfectly and accurately through designated monitoring, tracking and transport tools. It can also reveal possible problems during linen transport cycle starting from wash to delivery.

The analysis of the entire productive process allows to track and improve possible areas of inefficiency that can determine the decrease in productivity. It is therefore, possible to intervene, optimize and automate less efficient processes.

How is the technological revolution carried out practically within the concept of “INDUSTRY 4.0”? There are four points of strength.
1) More and more advanced automation and systems interface with software solutions;
2) Interconnection and communication between various systems and relative sensors (RFID, photocells)
3) Garments and machines provided with sensors in order to optimize the productive process;
4) Integration between management systems (ERP), production systems, logistics and process controls together with the integration of Information Technology
(IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Automation Technology (AT). It determines significant changes in the organisational structure and greater coordination of staff in charge of various company functions.

Such interconnection of processes and the coordinate use of different technologies are going to determine a real revolution that will undoubtedly influence the entire supply chain. It will contribute to process optimization and real time production without any waste (lean manufacturing).
What is more, thanks to their network connection of solutions, Montanari offers a complete remote checkup of the plant and, provides technical assistance real
time if necessary.
An example of a technological and highly advanced plant by Montanari in terms of both automation of systems and digitalization has been realised for a heavyduty
laundry in Czech Republic. The plant is constantly remotely monitored by Montanari “Control Room” therefore, it is possible to intervene immediately if possible
technical problems or inefficiency occur.

Montanari offers a series of integrated solutions for the laundries of the future starting from the arrival of soiled linen, its sorting and storage, conveyor belts connecting various laundry machines, overhead systems for clean linen to packing lines and final delivery. •

Celebrating the 80th birthday of Lucio, the father and founder of a successful business

11 April is going to be the day of great joy at Montanari Engineering when “the first 80 years” of Lucio Montanari, the founder of this company from Modena are going to be celebrated. The father runs the business together with his two sons, Claudio and Daniele.
The entrepreneur was born on 11 April, 1938. When he was 12, he studied in the evenings and slowly started his first small jobs dividing his time between the two activities.
Those were his first steps leading to the great working adventure. Young Lucio was definitely inspired by his father’s long experience and thorough knowledge on goods transport that he acquired while serving in the Navy. Later on, he put it into practice in the agriculture field. First, Lucio Montanari became an entrepreneur in the agriculture sector, too. Then, he moved on to machines, ceramic and food sector. The guiding line soon became an ideal conveyor belt that improved and enriched the brand created by Lucio Montanari as far as each of these sectors go. Until everything got ready for the great move towards
the laundry sector. Today, the business is recognized as a world-leading provider of excellence in terms of logistics and linen transport systems in laundries.
The secret of this global success that translates to over sixty plants realized per year and more than six million kg of linen transported per day in plants all over the world undoubtedly derives from the artisan model the company conforms to. Montanari has always known that every laundry has got their own structure to which linen transport systems must be adopted. According to Montanari, everything is bound to be designed as “tailor made” following and reflecting the great Made in Italy tradition that Lucio Montanari learned from.


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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine March 2018