Especially in these COVID burdened times, the importance of clean textiles is
not diminishing. That bed and table linen, towels and clothes are not just free
from stains, but hygienically clean has become an absolute must. Kreussler, the
German Textile Care specialist, offers a multitude of solutions for cleaning any kind of textiles thoroughly, but gently, improving not just hygiene and environmental impact, but cost-efficiency as well. The products have been used by satisfied clients throughout Italy for decades

Successful in Italy for decades – thanks to excellent business relationships
Kreussler has built up many successful business relationships in Italy, thanks to the company’s policy of establishing the subsidiary Kreussler S.r.l. and working with permanent local sales representatives. “As there is neither a language barrier nor a geographic distance thanks to working with locals, we are extremely close to our customers and can easily find the perfect solutions to fit their needs exactly”, says Dr Helmut Eigen, CEO of Kreussler Textile Care. “Having two people on the team speaking both Italian and German as their mother tongue assures that nothing can get “lost in translation”. We are very proud of our excellent relationships with our sales partners which go decades back. For example, we have kept growing together for 31 years with the Saci family business, of which General Manager Antonio Campanile has recently been nominated as Cavaliere del Lavoro.” Other highly esteemed sales partners, including e.g. Alessio Pesce of PESCE S.a.s, Giuseppe Ricca of PAPILLON and Francesco Stalteri of SIDER S.n.c., help Kreussler to make sure its products are easily available throughout Italy.

Not just white, but hygienically clean
One of Kreussler’s most popular powder detergents is TREBON PLUS, using layer silicates instead of the common zeolites, making it an extremely concentrated product with an outstanding cleaning performance that still treats textiles extremely gently. “We call it TREBON PLUS because it combines excellent washing power with bleach and hygiene”, explains Dr Manfred Seiter, Technical Director of Kreussler Textile Care.

Due to its hygienic properties, we have listed it as biocide in several European countries, and we plan to add more.” On top of its strong washing and hygienic powers, it avoids deposits on machines as well as incrustations on fibres. “TREBON PLUS is ideal for the treatment of textiles from the hospital and the catering sector” says Thomas Zeck, Commercial Director of Kreussler Textile Care. “Bed and table linen, towels and workwear can be washed at temperatures from 30 to 90°C, ensuring hygienically clean laundry by using only one product. As the product is extremely concentrated, only a small amount of it is needed, guaranteeing cost efficiency and minimising resources for transport and storage as well.” For customers who prefer products with an ecolabel, its sibling TREBON PLUS ECO has been awarded the EU Ecolabel “EU-Flower”.

Liquid laundry solutions for spotlessly clean, hygienic and pleasantly scented textiles
Kreussler has developed holistic processes enabling laundries of any kind and size to obtain optimal cleanliness and hygiene requirements, while protecting the fibers, prolonging textile lifetime, and minimising resources including water, energy and washing detergents, while being as environmentally friendly as possible. Thanks to a broad portfolio of detergents and laundry ancillaries, typical stains occurring e.g. in hotels and restaurants like oil, grease, egg, wine, lipstick, and even make up and shoe polish are completely removed at low temperatures, without damaging colour or fibers. The Star of our portfolio: DERVAL POWER, the unique “liquid powder” – a one-shot detergent with the washing power of a powder detergent.

Hygiene even at 20°C, Lanadol wet cleaning allows treatment of the most sensitive fibres
One of the most well-known Kreussler inventions is the original wet cleaning, developed 1991. The embodiment of sustainable textile cleaning, Lanadol wet cleaning is still the benchmark: biodegradable and extremely concentrated cleaning agents form a protective film around each fiber, preventing any damage while keeping the colours brilliant and the texture smooth. Only about 6 liters of water are needed per 1kg of wet cleaned fabrics, while about 95% of all cleaned garments can be treated using the Lanadol DRY process with Lanadol X-PRESS, skipping the pre-brushing process and taking less than one hour from start to finish.

This saves not just time and resources, but helps avoid the risk of maltreatment by not properly trained staff. “It is perfect not just for the high street clientele with their expensive wool suits and silk blouses. In old people’s homes too, the Lanadol range enables cleaning the residents’ favorite garments – which often contain sensitive fibers like wool or angora – not only extremely gently, but hygienically by using Lanadol ABAC”, says Dr Cord Meyer, Head of Research & Development at Kreussler Textile Care. “Thanks to its broad microbiocidal spectrum of activity, it can be used for delicate fabrics containing sensitive fibers at extremely low temperatures, at 20°C to 30°C. This way, the cherished clothes can be treated hygienically without being damaged, their lifecycle prolonged and their owners protected.”
Kreussler’s Italian clients love Lanadol wet cleaning – and so do their customers. The “Laundry green wet cleaning bio” based in Siderno confirms: “We are proud to say that we wash 98% of all garments with the Lanadol system, even the leather ones. Our customers love that their clothes are impeccably clean, and they approve our using a sustainable method.”
Dosing technology for laundries of any size
Kreussler delivers the matching dosing equipment for any of its liquid solutions: from a single washer extractor to washer extractor series up to continuous batch washers, the EASY dosing systems meet the needs of smaller OPL companies as well as those of textile cleaning units with integrated laundry services and industrial laundries. •

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edited by Marzio Nava

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