COVER STORY — Jensen opens the door to “intelligent, digital and green” future


Highly successful all around the world today, FlexWash technology applied to Senking universal tunnel washers by Jensen, an international company, undoubtedly constitutes an important technological indication in terms of innovation. During their recent communication event in Brussels, Jensen presented some important news such as Globe software for the optimal management of heavy-duty laundries designed in partnership with ABS Laundry Business Solutions. The system contributes to a sharp increase in the automation and production level of highly digitalised structures

A global leader, Jensen. Their vocation is, as a matter of fact, “universal” as demonstrated by the successful FlexWash technology, known and spread all around the world. The applied technology results in excellent continuous batch washers in terms of productivity, availability and flexibility. A “deserved” award for a forwardlooking cultural approach that got inspiration from the eccentric helix designed by Archimedes, a matematician, more than two thousand and two hundred years ago. Jensen applied it to a proper invention.
Clearly, Jensen has based its integral leadership on such undeniable historical foundations that they easily translate to turnover, markets, technological innovations  and services. It is an “inborn” sensibility able to involve thousands of clients from all the continents.
Moreover, Jensen’s initiatives often aim at constant and qualifying training sessions for their clients.
The know-how derives from a precise idea, perfectly summed up by the following phrase: “A happy operator is an efficient operator”. We read it in a communication
extract that the company uses to present its new “ergonomic sorting platform”. Later on, it says that “improving a body posture and the arm-body angle allows for organized sorting”.
Less effort for the operator and a well-being of the final user are actually combined: if the first one works in ideal conditions, they will contribute to easily obtaining
a very clean garment that will then guarantee quality to those who wear it. It is just one of many tangible examples of how Jensen is operating towards “intelligent,
green and digital” future.
These exact guidelines were presented to journalists and sector specialists invited by Jensen to Brussels in the beginning of December. Jensen presented
their products, trends and events that constitute the brand’s attractive power today. Belgium had not been chosen by chance.

It has always been a renowned place for modern industrial laundries as far as Clean/Tech installations, automation levels and management systems are concerned. An ideal location to make a point also on the outstanding Gotli Labs, a Swiss company, that designs software to manage heavy-duty laundries through PIMS, Production Information Management System by ABS, a successfully operating company with a solid number of 600 clients.
During the meeting with media representatives, the real fruit of the joint-venture could be admired the next day, while visiting Clova, a heavy-duty laundry in Wommelgem near Anwerp. It smoothly services 11 hospitals and 75 nursing homes thanks to Gotli Labs whose automation systems made it possible to decrease the
number of operators’ working hours from 800 to 720 per day, among other things.

It amounts to almost 10% less, which is quite relevant if we consider that it processes more than 95 tones of linen per week in both plants, which accounts for a “pace” of 14 thousand garments treated every day in each plant.
One of the strongest points of Jensen’s production, as underlined in Brussels, is their Senking Universal tunnel washer. The applied technology, FlexWash allows
for the creation of a seven-star laundry: simple, safe, solid, smooth, separate, superior and successful.
Let us see in what way:
SIMPLE: the tunnel washer is constructed in maintenance-friendly way, simple set up. Fewer motors and pumps. Perfect accessibility in all zones saves precious
production time.
SAFE: Each Senking Universal comes with an individual Panel PC (PPC). This ensures a constant operation without any downtime. Each machine can be operated
from any other PPC in the washroom section.
Safety goes beyond regulations and ensures a safe and productive work place.
SOLID: The Archimedean helix is the key to longevity. Both smooth and strong welding ensures a long lifetime of Senking Universal machines.
SMOOTH: Dependent on the machine size, the drum rests on three to six roller bearings per bearing support, some are eccentric – this ensures an optimal load
allocation and smooth, vibration-free operation. Eco-Tune system controls the exact rotation of the drum and ensures a smooth rotation direction change. It
also improves the wash quality and handles delicate linen in a gentle way.
SEPARATE: Washing is done in standing baths in the pre-wash and main wash areas with the bath exchange process and rinsing is in counterflow. JENSEN
was the first manufacturer in the world to develop this process and bring it to market. Every batch stays in its own bath until the start of the rinse zone and has
its own individually programmed quantity of detergent, process water, temperature, bath level, etc.
SUPERIOR: the extraordinary operative efficiency allows for processing huge quantity of linen while keeping the consumption at low levels.
SUCCESSFUL: Jensen’s productive and successful tunnel washers are characterized by high productivity, availability and flexibility Not surprisingly, one third of all cruise liners travel with JENSEN laundry equipment.
Jensen’s media event in Brussels underlined other technologically advanced machines such as Jenroll Hybrid, an ironer that reduces wear, tear and shrinkage thanks to its internal no friction transportation system, a new Senking Z1300 centifruge perfect for medium quantities, WR dryers that guarantee up to 15% energy saving, Jenfeed Express Plus, 1.800 pieces per hour feeder and Jenway Conveyor used in linen transport and storage.
These excellent products were all presented by the new Business Director for west, north and eastern Europe and Africa, Hartmut Schlimbach during the event in
Brussels. He also scheduled an appointment with laundries from all over the world for 23-29 April 2018 on the island of Mallorca where the first edition of Jensen
Performance Days will take place. •

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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine – December 2017