COVER STORY — Ironing by “Battistella” The success is a question of DNA


From the first “irons” assembled by Mr. Guerrino in his garage to the current, flexible and technological line called Eos. Daniele, Guerrino’s son, who has inherited the family knowhow, has never stopped developing the models and solutions that turn out to be ideal for medium-small textile care businesses.

The continuous requests for Circe, an ironing machine that combines excellent technology with space saving thanks to its compact design, prove it. This business from Rossano Veneto, sees growing as a combination of the industrial production with the artisan knowledge in satisfying every demand of the clients: from the ironing of jackets to “vintage” style shirts ironing






Battistella B.G., based in Rossano Veneto, near Vicenza, is preparing a significant and detailed line of products to exhibit in Milan during EXPOdetergo International scheduled for October 2018. The line includes vacuuming, steaming and blowing ironing tables. Their height is adjustable through a soft spring. All the ironing tables by Battistella B.G. have two strong points in common: the use of a touch screen and 20% energy saving if compared to standard tables.
It is a strategic choice that leads us to considering the following elements:
• one experiment after another, it takes one year of work to obtain such results;
• the awareness of addressing the global market where an ironing table constitutes a basic and indispensable element of ironing;
• the machines are equipped with a touch screen system, which is universally important today;
• the necessity to compete at the highest quality levels in a sector that is more and more sensitive to the “sustainability” factor, and where energy saving is fundamental.
All this defines the current position of Battistella B.G. in the context of Made in Italy ironing businesses.

The brand, successfully and fully established on the market over the last 20 years, is today renowned among the excellent, historical brands of the sector. Such an achievement has been reached thanks to the courage and realistic approach that translate to the latest excellent product by Battistella B.G.: Circe, a shirt finisher.
Its compact design allows to optimize space which is a decisive factor for thousands of small-medium textile care businesses. The same businesses that have learned to rely on the previous, high-quality models named after mythological figures: Zeus, Pegasus, Venus.

Brick after brick, we developed the production and spread over the foreign markets” says the owner, Daniele Battistella, visibly proud while showing us the new setting of the warehouse. The rich range of articles is now divided into about 800 pallets that are immediately identifiable and reachable by forklifts, which demonstrates the growing importance of logistics within an organization that needs to respond fast to specific and constant orders coming from all over the world.
It is worth underlining that the warehouse, apart from the latest “new entries”, contains all the “ironing knowledge” reflected through: presses, toppers, steam generators, packing machines, sanitizing cabinets and various types of accessories and materials.
Actually, the machines designed here do not exclude any type of ironing. Including the jackets of high-powered motorcycle riders, the “windstoppers”, tight and “immune” to tearing. When it comes down to washing them, the ironing much depends on the shape of the garment and the fabrics it is made of. ”We needed to adjust the tool, change it in the right way, as if it was  a racing car on a track – explains Daniele Battistella.
In case of that client, the ironing was challenging due to the leather decorations inserted on jackets like this. We quickly understood that it was the right mission for Pegaso, our finisher equipped with a-10-litre boiler.
Once the necessary change was made, one of the ten programs on the electronic panel was applied to finish the garment. The client was very satisfied by the final result. They can now produce and iron as many “windstopper” jackets as they want”.
Having a look at Battistella B.G.’s machines inside their factory, we can see there are no functional problems that the business cannot approach using their knowhow and creativity. The universal skill acquired by this business does not stop with the requests coming from motorcycle riders. The focus also goes to the elegant vintage shirts ironing. “Our Portuguese client – says Daniele Battistella – contacted us recently saying that he wanted to launch a line of shirts that needed to have that worn out, antique look when exposed in the shop windows. Therefore, it was necessary to iron them still wet, and fast, too, at a pace of a thousand pieces a day.
To obtain such result, we worked on the heat modification within a work cycle so that the machines are heated just enough for the ironing of wet shirts within the given timing”.
All this is a result of two trips to Portugal to keep and develop the business contact with a client. All Battistella B.G.’s clients actually need to rely on an industrial structure able to guarantee technologically advanced series production combined with an artisan approach to specific problems. “Today, the market is extremely dynamic – explains Daniele Battistella. – Consequently, the competition is based on constant, sometimes very small but decisive variations thanks to which the machines become more incisive and performing. Depending on the requests, our artisan creativity allows us to work on any technological element that makes the difference”.
The “Tailor Made” approach reflects the entire history of Battistella B.G.. More than 40 years of company history becomes a family history. It is a question of the DNA, we could say. It is the know-how passed on generations just like the latest irons called “Eos” prove.
Since last year, every machine listed in the catalogue have been equipped with one. The irons are  extremely appreciated by clients because of the vast range of models to choose from according to the needs: large plate, small “dry” plate or electronic models.
That same DNA is clearly visible inside the company showroom where Guerrino’s first irons are exposed.
Back then, working in the garage of his house, supported by his wife Amabile, Battistella patented the irons he designed, and today, his son Daniele can count on the daily presence of his wife Angela in the company, too.
Their oldest son Michele works with them while the second born, Samuele, 19 years old, has become a
cycling champion. Their youngest son Stefano goes to Elementary school, second grade.
Who looks for the signs of imagination and entrepreneurial approach projected towards the future, so typical for the north-east of Italy, can find plenty of them at Battistella B.G.•

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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine July 2018