COVER STORY — Imesa’s fleet conquers industrial laundries


A prestigious convention celebrated the opening of a new plant in the factory in Cessalto, Treviso area that has contributed to the big step forward in the range of 120 kg washing machines production, also due to the extraordinary know how of the company and the advanced technology of Iris, the identification system through radio frequency. This is how Miotto brothers optimize the value of an authentic industry 4.0, that moves from 75 to 100 machines produced weekly

120 kg washing machines and Iris, the identification system through radio frequency. The power of machines and the dynamics of business management thanks to the universal code such as a touch screen. From a perfect 4.0 company towards the production of 100 excellent pieces per week.

This way, in year 2017, Imesa’s fleet puts out to the sea of industrial laundries raising the most creative and dynamic flag of Made in Italy in the context of great international competitors. Imesa launches its unique and attractive offer of an “easy use” known by billion “human beings”, mobile phones users, as it has been shaped following the same “touch” concept of a mobile phone.

“Fleet” turns out to be the most appropriate vocabulary item to define the massive impact and the completeness of the impressive and aggressive machinery inventory enriched by the “fresh” range of big capacity and high technology washing machines destined to “navigate” in a more and more competitive global market. All this is absolutely coherent with the new launch of the production plant realised in the Cessalto factory.

Luciano Miotto, the President of Imesa, and Carlo Miotto, the Sales Director hosted their guests during the convention entitled “The New Solutions for Industrial Laundries”. The title constitutes the perfectly explicit act of powerful news that this brand has treasured for over fifty years of its history. Today, Imesa is the main character of industrial laundries business and it has demonstrated their know how characterised by a constant, steady and progressive growth. We are actually in the presence of the company richness that translates to the business turnover, work places creation and technological innovation just like the annual exemplary figures witness: 15 million turnover, 4 thousand pieces produced and over a hundred employees. In the end of 2016, Imesa launched, after a long and accurate preparation stage, the Industrial Laundry operation.

During the convention, Luciano Miotto pronounced a phrase that explains “everything” that we can weigh inside this factory-jewel of the best Venetian business: “The product is never finished”. It sounds stronger and clearer than just a simple slogan when we think about the unlimited innovative leap that Imesa brings into the world of laundries such as “The 4 Es Brand”, that in English stand for Energy Saving, Ergonomy, Ecology and Easy Use. Furthermore, they stand for operative efficiency, ergonomics obtained through more functional design, reduced environmental impact and easy use deriving from continuous technological research. The qualities explain the constant evolution thanks to which Imesa guarantees the clients perfect real time consonance with the development of the market. Starting with the crucial and complete elimination of soil: the visible stains and the invisible bacterial charge.

This explains why the “inauguration” of Imesa’s fleet cannot be anything else but an Event: both for the laundry sector and for the political and economical institutions of the territory where this company operates. It was founded by Gianpietro Miotto and today, it is run by his two sons. Hence the convention, skilfully conducted by Katy Mandurino, a journalist at Sole 24 Ore who tackled the presence of industrial laundries. Divided into two parts, during the first, institutional part, the speakers who intervened were the Vice President of Veneto Region, Gianluca Forcolin, the council member for Economic Development, Roberto Marcato, the Mayor of Cessalto, Franca Gottardi, the President of Unindustria Treviso, Maria Cristina Piovesana and the President of Chamber of Commerce in Treviso and Belluno, Mario Pozza. The debate covered topics ranging from targeted financing to European funds yield, from the overwhelming Italian red tape to be defeated to school-work relations that should be cultivated real time.

During the second part of the convention, we actually “entered” into a laundry through the interventions by Livio Bassan, the Managing Director of Christeyns Italia, a Belgian multinational producer of chemical laundry products (also the President of Expodetergo exhibition), Marco Gastaldi, the Managing Director of Gastaldi, a textile company, and Egidio Paoletti, the Managing Director of Alsco Italia, a supplier of workwear and flatwork linen.

“Christeyns, whose company mission aims at the lowest environmental impact possible together with energy saving, can only be on the same wavelength with Imesa – Bassan says – taking the same virtuous direction that, thanks to business partners of this caliber, has brought some excellent laundries to operate at 40 degrees instead of 60 that used to be preferred. Today, they also consume half of the necessary water amount comparing to recent past”.

“Companies like Imesa represent an ace up the sleeve for those who spread the excellence of Made in Italy in the world. – explains Marco Gastaldi – Above all, it is how the machines guarantee  a long life cycle of linen that constitutes the base for their superiority if compared to disposable and polluting products”.

“In companies like Imesa, one of the main objectives is well-being that, through the use of services that allow a complete traceability of garments whose entire cycle is then certified, englobes and overtakes the idea of cleanliness aimed at during the last century” added Egidio Paoletti, who is also a Vice President of Assosistema, the ultimate associate organ for laundry businesses.

The “flagships” of Imesa’s fleet sailing towards industrial laundries make everyone naturally agree. We are talking about the LM 100 and LM 125, whose great capacity, both solid and well performing is based on the maximum level of functionality and saving.

As for the functionality, it is 100% free standing. That is why there is no need for anchoring. The stability has been patented, the centrifugal force is between 350 and 400 G, there is a double motor-powered lock, a 180-degree door opening, tilting and balancing system, an easy access to every mechanical part and a customized integral software that meets the needs of every client.

As far as saving is concerned, it is to be explained through extraordinary and efficient operations: balanced water loads, energy consumption calculated according to the load, flexible programming of washing cycles time, optimization of all the consumptions, washing cycle stop in an anti-wrinkle mode, and three heating alternatives based on electricity, steam production and hot water optimization.

All the qualities have been punctually replicated by Imesa driers, ES series for 55 to 75 kg loads.

“We have happily launched this prestigious adventure – says Luciano Miotto during the convention – by putting into practice the passion and commitment that me and my brother Carlo inherited from our father Gianpietro, who guided us when we first started in this company. The energy that we share with every employee and collaborator makes Imesa be an extraordinary team, projected towards the optimization of the new plant in order to accomplish the great leap forward from 77 pieces produced weekly in 2016 to 100 pieces, as a consequence of this important structural enlargement”.

New market segments, the excellence of machines, the unity of a team. All these are the booming components of Imesa. They lead us to the company philosophy characterized by extremely high interactivity levels. This happens both in case of the remote control guaranteed by the system that is currently following 5,500 machines all around the world and in the complete traceability of each garment which was requested as an indispensable necessity by sectors like heath care, nursing and tourism.

Cessalto, the centre of the world, equal to New York, Singapore and Berlin. It is not a miracle anymore but rather an evidence favoured by the “glocal” market, where global and local firmly mix just like it happens at Imesa. The presentation phrase in their brochure is fundamental: “From a client to a client, without ever losing trace”. Power and easy use merge into the simplicity of a palmtop, through which Iris by Imesa, specially developed by Asac, turns out to be the only system of marking, RFID, that includes, by a simple “touch”, the collection and sorting of garments, their permanent location, the storage of each passage in the database and the maximum accessibility for the users who do not speak the language of the place.
This is how Imesa’s fleet navigates today, with the wind in their sails, and in all the seas of a laundry.



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by Stefano Ferrio


MARCH 2017