The speed of the market evolution, under the effect of new technologies and fast information flow, political and economic changes worldwide, and the consequent need for cutting-edge products and solutions according to the purchasing patterns, needs and preferences of the consumers, gives us the perfect motivation for constantly renewing our offer. The society is moving forward, and even those companies that weren’t so much digitalized, have discovered during the long period of forced lockdown, the importance and the efficiency of the new technologies, on both – personal and professional levels. The Internet has become an indispensable tool, as for many months it was the only way to access certain services and interact with the others.

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We are therefore facing a society in a continuous transformation, interested in every aspect of the Digital Transformation process, a necessary and fundamental change that we have strongly aimed at IMESA, in line with our goals for growth, for optimising the business efficiency, but most importantly for improving the customer interaction in order to enhance the customer experience with our company brand. In such a frenetic world, speed and simplicity are two key requirements for the provided service, in the eyes of the consumers. The purchasing experience and the customer service are becoming increasingly important aspects for being rewarded by the market. The digital technologies are offering us new opportunities allowing us to create a constant interaction with our customers in a real and virtual environment, the place of our daily actions. And this is how our equipment production has been enriched with a wide range of technological services supporting the customers in their work, optimising time and costs and increasing production efficiency.

The IMConnect web portal, the app Laundry for You, and NFC technology on washing machines are all designed and developed for supporting the customers in managing their laundry. IMConnect is the result of an evolution that started five years ago, a web portal dedicated to the active online community of IMESA: from the distributor to the end user and everyone interacting with our machines. IMConnect is a quick and free of charge portal that can be easily used by the customer. IMConnect means: managing, performing interventions, analysing, getting informed and planning, all by remote; it is like having a window always open that allows you to survey the organisation and the productivity of your business. This knowledge and awareness help us to continuously improve our work strategies and results.

MANAGING: constant firmware updates with the latest version released by IMESA, access, manage and customise programs libraries, choose images and icons, manage users and portal access levels.
INTERVENTION: access alarms in real-time, identify the problem and potential causes, find solutions, manage minor faults remotely, reduce costly downtimes.
ANALYSIS: access production data, check working hours performed by each machine, estimate consumption and generate activity reports to identify any operational inefficiencies and set targets. Data analysis allows small and large businesses to develop their business by having more control.
INFORMATION: check synchronised machines, most frequently used programmes, set work parameters and share information.
PLANNING: anticipate technical interventions through intelligent and preventive planning of ordinary and long-term maintenance.

“The App Laundry for You enables
a greater punctuality for service
and maintenance”

Accessing and registering on the IMConnect web portal is simple and free of charge, all that you have to do is only to ask our staff for your login credentials. By registering and constantly synchronising your machines, you can access a whole variety of strategic and operational information, not only through our web portal, but also through the app Laundry for You developed by IMESA. Laundry for You is simply to be used, can be accessed from the Android and is therefore always available in any work context. Its clean and modern user interface is based on consumption graphics (water, energy, steam) available for consultation as a comprehensive summary of the complete equipment fleet or for single activities, a news area available to the laundry operator for web marketing and promotion operations and, very soon, an area dedicated to the selfservice end-user for online booking and service payment.

The App, always in a constant evolution, has been enriched with a new setting that interacts with the NFC technology installed on the washing machines of up to 32Kg capacity, it is included in the Tap.Tech interactive label applied on the frontal part of the machines; this technology allows to easily open a technical assistance ticket for the IMESA Service team that will take care of it in the shortest time possible. The purpose of this service is to allow our customer to save time, and to be able to completely dedicate itself to its activity.

“FI EVO.Line of flatwork ironers
and ES EVO.Line of tumble dryers
are being launched”

We have been manufacturers since 1968, and we still are today. Our strong identity motivates us to work ceaselessly on our products, by carrying out all the necessary improvements and by implementing new technologies. The issue of the new 2023 Price List Catalogue, sees the launch of the Easy Line and Smart Line of FI EVO.Line flatwork ironers and ES EVO.Line tumble dryers, designed to meet at best the different needs of the various sectors that we are supplying. Easy and Smart is also the choice between the different Automatic Detergent Dosing Systems offered by IMESA: standard or with wifi technology for a precise consumption control per cycle. All these will be displayed to our booth at the 26th edition of ISSA PULIRE – Milan 9-11 May 2023 – dedicated to the professional and industrial cleaning sector, where IMESA will offer specific and dedicated solutions. •


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Edited by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # May 2023