As spectators of an exhibition panorama literally disrupted in 2020, with illustrious cancellations such as Salone del Mobile (Furniture Design Fair) and continuous date changes even for an entire year, we are wondering about the future of the trade fairs. Behind every exhibition activity there is a very important business that involves not only the main key players such as exhibition entities and organizers, but also a multitude of service activities and, last but not least, the exhibitors. Trade fairs are a way of communication, they belong to the history of mankind, thinking about the Universal Exhibition born in 1851 in London, up to the most local livestock and agriculture fairs, essential tools for business development.

We are talking about it with Carlo Miotto, CEO of IMESA S.p.A. In his long working experience Carlo has visited many countries over the years, taking part personally to a multitude of trade fairs in the sector, opening new markets, getting to know new entities and introducing his company to the world. There were the 70’s and 80’s when, between April 14th and 25th in Milan, there was an unavoidable appointment for manufacturers attracted by Milan Trade Fair. It was a showcase of a positive Italy in full development that it saw the presence of all those industrial sectors that would become later the driving force for the industrial future of our country.

During my visits together with my father, I remember that there were two pavilions dedicated to the world of kitchen professional equipment and textile washing equipment. Fifty years have passed and our Country has conquered an indisputable leadership in the world for this equipment and also an important industrial role among the countries producing machines for the washing and treatment of fabrics/linen and tableware.Today, Milan is still the headquarter of the most important international fairs of the sector: Host – for the Ho.Re.Ca. world and Expo Detergo – whose next edition is already planned for the autumn of 2022.


It won’t miss starting from 2023, ISSA PULIRE for the Cleaning sector, which will be held this year in Verona for the last time. In my opinion, in a post-pandemic scenario, I still notice too much distance and small convergence between the trade fair entities and the associations representing the manufacturer companies. Most likely, this is due to different points of view, interests and ways of thinking. In any case, the important thing in all of this is the real central point, the company. The focus is on the real needs, on the opportunities that we will be able to create by knowing how to respond to the actual customers requirements.

Should we gradually expect more and more virtual trades parallely to the “real” ones, showrooms open 24h where we can present products and services, innovations and improvements, schedule appointments, lead webinars? During the pandemic companies forsight was not stopping investments and projects. With the same forward-look, trade fair organizations are summoned to understand the needs of the market and adapt themselves to the various facets regarding the requirements of those who visit the fair and evaluate our products and our companies.

How has the exhibitions landscape changed, especially in the laundry industry?
The competitive context in our sector has changed alot over the years, while preserving an important role in the italian and european production. New manufacturers belonging to those countries where laundry services have matured few decades later than in Europe and USA, now became successfull. This situation unavoidably has an impact in the world of trade fairs too. Which ones to visit? Which ones to attend? Certainly the business strategy sifts according to the defined objectives and market targets, but it is not easy answering to these two simple questions.

As a businessmann, I would like that my team does not miss any opportunity to visit and get to know even the smallest local businesses to better understand their habits and needs, but I also agree that too many trade shows in one year will no longer be the solution. We will gradually move to a renewed scenario. We will probably have one touring International Laundry Exhibition once a year, that it could be the best showcase for presenting the innovations for all the partecipating manufacturers. Perhaps over the years the fairs would be divided by continents: USA, Europe, Far East, new countries, according to a single scheme, applying the itinerant formula within the continents and selecting the host cities according to strategic criteria.

Where are the laundry manufacturers located? Is it an accessible area? Which type of accomodation do they offer? etc. The fairs will be increasingly associated with the tourism and to the country’s cultural offer, in line with the Smart Life Style that now characterizes our days: living better our space and time, as our primary goal.

Nowadays it is fundamental to have a synergic project between similar and complementary companies with long-term view and goals. This will allow us to be more aware of investments, and more competitive and efficient in the activities that needs to be undertaken, according to a new appeal shared first and foremost by the customers, and also by the operators.

Let’s move on to ideas and projects particularly for the Host trade?
We will be present as IMESA SpA at the exhibition HOST in Hall 3, booth N43 – P42 where we will present the new EVO.LINE range, available from 2022.

E for EVOLUTION, for EFFORT, for ENGINEERING. E for EMOTION. It’s the thrill of a race that takes strength away, but, nevertheless we devour the road meter by meter. It’s the emotion of changing to become what we want to be. EVO.LINE is a new range. Modifying your appearance expresses a desire for a deeper change. After so many years painted in blue colour RAL 5012, an obvious connection to the water element, the new range of IMESA combines now grey and black colours. Grey is balance, grey loves technology transmitting strength and solidity. Black is elegance and, let’s face it, black goes well with everything.

From washing machines to tumble dryers, through flatwork ironers and drying ironers, the evolution of the IMESA product has begun. It’s a mindset evolution that leads us to product evolution. It’s a change in processing and manufacturing methods. It’s a new approach to the market. EVO.LINE has certainly not reached the finishing line, on the contrary, its race has just begun and it is fated to grow under the watchful eyes of our R&D, Marketing and Sales staff, continuously enriching their performance, technology and services, for being able to efficiently satisfy the requirements of our customers. EVO.LINE needs to be known even in its smallest details.

From the most simple new door gasket of the washing machine’s glass porthole , a detail that might seem simple in its description, but with important technical implications, and up to the new features integrated in IM11 computer; from the new shape of the flatwork ironer’s heating elements hollow, that guarantees a much higher performance and ironing quality than in the past, to the new thermal insulation on the tumble dryers whose mission is to reduce the thermal bridge on the sides of the machine. The list of what it is now and what will become in the future is long and we invite you to discover it together with our staff. •

EVOLUTION is the business environment that grows with its people
EFFORT is the determination that drives the group even in the face of difficulties
ENGINEERING is the change in line with new technologies and new materials
EMOTION is the satisfaction of our people when they shape their ideas

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Edited by Marzio Nava
Detergo Magazine – Number 9, September 2021