COVER STORY – EXPOdetergo International 2022 – The key players of the restart


The pandemic has completely changed our way of living. Masks, social distancing, new lifestyle at school and at work, high attention to hygiene, have emerged new habits and the demand for new guarantees, especially in the outside world. When we are talking about hospitals and nursing homes, hotels and restaurants, the attention to the cleanliness is not only regulated by the existing standards, but it also becomes a fundamental element. As for the business activities, the cleanliness becomes often a crucial factor, because it is strongly influencing the customer’s choices.

The hygiene of the rooms, of the furniture and decorations, but moreover, the guarantee of sanitization of the tablecloths, towels, sheets and napkins, is essential, being able to ensure the standards required in this new normality, turning into a must for remaining competitive.

The key role of the laundries

Technology, hygiene and control are the three key factors of the world that we are living in, but they are also guiding criteria for the sector of professional laundries, playing now a key role in the recovery of the economy.

After supporting the front line with their services, and also the hospitals that have established themselves as pivotal players in the fight against the coronavirus, now the laundry sector is the main character of the restart.

The high technological level of the washing and ironing machines, the innovation in the production of detergents, the automation of the management systems and linen rental, are the elements guaranteeing that the garments are meeting the highest standards of hygiene and sanitization. It becomes an added value that many sectors – from tourism to catering, from health to industry – can offer to their customers. It is a contribution that becomes almost “social” for the hospitals and prisons, where hygiene is essential.

Even before Covid times, hospital laundries have always been at the forefront for managing the high safety standards required, creating an experience that is proving to be valuable also in other areas of interest. It is not a coincidence that many laundries, based on the same pattern used for the hospitals, are making steps ahead to obtain the certification – highly appreciated at the moment – for the washing of garments used also in another contexts.

The great attention dedicated to the well-being – that was indirectly amplified by the pandemic, and that has led us to give even more value to the guarantee of hygiene, sanitization and cleanliness – is now an important driver for technologies and products of excellence, playing a key role in protecting health and promoting well-being, especially when we are talking about linen and fabrics used in hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

Briefly, we can say that laundries are one of the guardians of the well-being: the world will never be the same again after the restart, and the concept of cleanliness will be more related to well-being and health.

Reflecting on the future at EXPOdetergo International

From the 21st to 24th of October 2022, the four-yearly event, leader in Europe and in the world for its sector, will be the perfect opportunity for relaunching the role of technologies, products and services dedicated to the textile care, and for providing new tools to the professionals’, for being able to meet the multiple requests of an increasingly demanding users, also due to Covid.

The companies attending EXPOdetergo as exhibitors will be able to show the practical contribution that innovation and R&D can bring to different backgrounds of application, starting from the laundry – whether local or industrial – to the hotel, restaurant and health sectors.

Cleaning and sanitising processes are nowadays more sought-after than ever, and the sector can guarantee them thanks to the long experience of the companies that are driving them. Techniques, products and machines used for the treatment of the fabrics in areas where, today more than ever, sanitization is crucial, will therefore be the main characters of the exhibition.

The technological innovations have already been displayed to the past trades and they became now very popular and appreciated for the high standards that they guarantee. It is enough to name the sanitizing cabinet that is using ozone for cleaning the objects that cannot be washed, like the stroller or the toys for small children, suitcases, motorbike helmets that can develop mould due to the sweat, or hotel pillows. This is a solution that was created for a market niche, but due to the healthcare situation, nowadays is finding wider application fields.

Many other technological systems were also “born” at the trade, that were presented for the first time at EXPOdetergo International: starting from the electronic tracking systems for the garments – from RFID labels to barcodes printed on waterproof paper that makes possible the monitoring of the garments or linen at every stage of the treatment process – to the management systems for the companies, software that combines Internet of Things and new technologies, which can be consulted from a PC, tablet or smartphone, or even from various intelligent Apps that gives the possibility to the laundry managers to monitor the entire workshop, even by remote.

The next edition is preparing to offer a large space to innovation as well as for the results that the great efforts in research and development have produced over the past few years.  The technologies presented at the exhibition will allow once again the operators to understand how it is now possible to offer high performance while minimising costs and efforts, discovering new services and new business ideas dedicated to a sector where the health emergency itself has relaunched as essential.

If the past editions have built-up the present that we are living today, in the next edition of EXPOdetergo International will be possible to create – together – the future of the sector.•

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By Marzio Nava
Detergo Magazine – Number 11, November 2021