While we are looking forward to EXPOdetergo International 2022, held at Fiera Milano from 21 to 24 October 2022, Fiera Milano and Expo Detergo have already started to work on the details of the project that, once again, is going to provide solid tools for updates, businesses and networking in the market that is facing great changes. A leading event in Europe and in the world, dedicated to machines, technologies, products and services for laundries, ironing field and textile treatment, the show is going to tackle a variety of topics on sector innovation that constitutes for all the sector operators – from small laundries to Ho.re.ca. and industrial structures – an occasion to differentiate and stay competitive during the time of great changes and “selection”.

The three key words that we are going to talk about starting from this month’s Detergo issue are sustainability, digitalization and hygiene. We will present a path that will allow everyone to get to know our upcoming show better, its contents and aims, and to analyze the biggest news and new entries available on the market today, as far technology, products and services go.

Great attention is going to be given to the wellbeing – indirectly reinforced by the pandemic that has led us to giving more attention and value to hygiene, sanitizing and cleaning. It has actually become an important push for an excellent production sector that, when it comes to hospital, hotel and restaurant linen, has got a key role in the protection of our health and the promotion of wellbeing.

“Three key words of EXPOdetergo International 2022: sustainability, digitalization and hygiene”

We need to start with SUSTAINABILITY that has been a central topic in all the manufacturing sectors, and not just in textile care. Doing more with less: for some time now, this has been the main goal of textile care sector. Innovation and R&D have focused, as a matter of fact, on greater efficiency, hygiene and productivity that can be obtained by using less energy, water and detergents,and most of all, with an aim of producing a lower environmental impact. This is why sustainability has become one of the main points of EXPOdetergo International 2022.

From washing machines to large automated lines, from detergents to chemical additives, the entire sector is working on greener business. Also because sustainability – the idea that has been discussed for years now – is not just a choice anymore but an mandatory direction by all means: not only on the ethical level but first of all, on the businesses profitability level.

Today, being able to certify a green textile maintenance and wash processes for a hotel or a restaurant is not just an added value but rather a necessity: clients are more and more sensitive. They perceive sustainability as if it was a discriminating factor in relation to their choices. They are however, often willing to pay a little more to avoid heavy consequences for the planet. Many producers work full-time to go towards this direction. It has become crucial to focus on the sustainability wave and make it structural so that businesses can become more competitive and efficient.

It is not enough to be green about a single product. The entire production process needs to become green. Technological innovation takes the floor here. It will be one of the most important points during the exhibition. If we make the most of it, sustainability will allow to use less water, detergents and energy, limiting waste and resources loss and guaranteeing high quality results and longer durability of fabrics at the same time. The investment translates to protecting the planet and, most of all, to obtaining lower production costs.

“Sustainability, the pillar of EXPOdetergo 2022, the crucial element of the Recovery Fund”

What is more, we cannot forget that sustainability is one of the Recovery Fund pillars: structuring company processes under the green perspective is the only option that guarantees a secure growth. We are not only going to be rewarded from a fiscal point of view but if we choose differently, we will risk to be affected negatively because of the remaining obsolete solutions. Today, sustainability reflects the reliability of businesses in the global market.

A virtuous circle is born in this way. It brings advantages to companies and to the territories they are based in – they will have to deal with less waste – and to the environment in general as well as to every single consumer who will be able to make ethical choices and enjoy better final results.

EXPOdetergo International will enable everyone who is interested, to acquire textile care technology and products, to evaluate the best examples of innovation and R&D. It is the investments of this type that will allow for the reduction of waste, the optimization of resources and the guarantee of final results.

The journey towards EXPOdetergo International 2022 has begun. To support the companies that decide to “get on board” fast, the show has provided the early booking 2022 stage. All the companies that will sign up within the 31 October 2021 will be able to take advantage of a particularly convenient fare. The incentive that is undoubtedly in favor of the anticipated registration, will also allow to have a clearer idea on the participating big brands, and present therefore, EXPOdetergo International 2022 and its main characters, its points of strength and contents to the global market soon. •

by Marzio Nava

Detergo Magazine – July/Augusto 2021