The hygienic processing of textiles from hospitals, care homes, professional garments and also hospitality facilities, has always been a priority, for professional laundries. In the new context that the world has been facing in the past two years, after the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic and the spread of different SARS-CoV-2 variants, the textile industry has been focusing more than ever on hygiene commitment and quality certification.

Nowadays laundry customers are more demanding than ever: they want and expect a higher level of cleanliness. For industrial laundries it’s essential to have specific tools and washing solutions, thanks to which it’s possible to adapt and shape the processes to the new expectations, delivering effective and sustainable wash programs and safe linen.

Ecolab Textile Care supports the industrial laundries, through the synergy of efficient wash platforms, offering great process flexibility and validated disinfection on different type of pathogens, and powerful real-time data management with enVision 365, allowing to track the productivity, quality and hygiene levels anytime, anywhere.

Ecolab intergrated approach: chemical innovations and real-time data management for a higher level of hygiene and cleanliness

enVision365 added value is not in the reliable monitoring itself, or in the efficient controlling of costs, but also in the capability to access 365 days/year and control real-time, different key parameters, such as chemical dosages, wash productivity and textile batch quality.

The ultimate state of data management is to get real-time insights from the laundry “big data” and use them effectively to support the decisions that drive not only profitability but also the compliance to hygiene standards and the conditions validated for chemo-thermal disinfection through customised critical assets: intelligent alarm setting to control the right fresh water consumption or bath ratio, the right dosage of detergent and disinfectant, the right temperature, not by chance, but as the outcome of a scheduled quality control program can make the difference when delivering pristine textile, wash after wash, with the same level of hygiene and quality.

Taking advantage of the rapid 24/7 availability of the big data, specific users are allowed to model, and access safely enVision cloud laundry even via smartphone or tablet: enVision dashboards can be visualized per site, per tunnel or washing extractor. Managers get a detailed insight into their machines, and they can see the precise activity and identify errors according to specific threshold set up with Ecolab experts, per machine, per plant for multi-plant groups.

enVision 365 real-time data managementDigital monitoring of washing outcomes also allows the laundry to keep under control the water consumption and to monitor the right process setting for validated combinations of detergent and laundry biocides needed to execute specific compliance with microbiological reference values, set up within the implementation of a quality management system. This helps executing an action plan to guarantee a consistent wash process security, cycle after cycle, to go for adjustment to specified values, inspection of results from in-house and external audits.

Systematic hygiene management in the laundries, is defined through the application of stringent quality and hygiene protocols and certifications, like RABC or RAL quality marks. Requirements related to cleanliness and hygiene of textiles can sometimes differ significantly for different industries. For laundries that serve hospitals, care homes or the food industry, in particular, it is important to work with a safety-oriented quality management system. Flexibility and effectiveness are the main added values for the laundry that will go for the next generation of solutions for healthcare and social care textiles, launched by Ecolab Textile Care: AdvaCare Ultimate and AdvaCare PRO.

This washing solution delivers multiple process set up for chemothermal disinfection, validated from 40°C up to 60°C (AdvCare Ultimate) and at 60°C (AdvaCare PRO), fulfilling different textile requirements in term of washing temperature and kind of bleaching, e.g. some specific textiles require chlorine bleach free processes and 40°C temp for the main wash. AdvaCare Ultimate performance is based on a new innovative technology that allows effective textile disinfection against different types of microorganisms (mycobacteria, bacteria, yeast, fungi, virus) at just 40°C according to BPR standards (Biocidal Products Regulation).

Our breakthrough low-temp oxygen-based disinfectant AdvaCare DES is combined with the sustainable detergent AdvaCare emulsion to multilevel action and powerful control of active ingredients in the rinse in order to deliver a more efficient recontamination control. The low temp process together with the innovative laundry biocide works in mild washing conditions and allows to extend textile lifetime and deliver extra care for sensitive linen: Healthcare coloured textiles and uniforms require special care, in order to protect and keep optimum colour protection of cleaned textiles, wash after wash.

The ultimate generation of Ecolab emulsion formulation for hospital linen, AdvaCare emulsion, works in synergy with AdvaCare DES according to the temperature of the process and textile needs allows to set up different washing modules: this flexibility is linked to the special mix of anti-redeposition agents and surfactants efficient on healthcare stains at 40°C. These components furthermore fulfill the requirements for industrial laundry detergents given by the EUEcolabel certification (AdvaCare emulsion license DE/039/021) and help to optimize the water consumption of the process, thanks to a higher rinsability of the detergent. AdvaCare emulsion can be combined also with other laundry disinfectants by Ecolab (Ozonit Super/Ozonit Performance) in the AdvaCare PRO solution, delivering high level of hygiene and cleanliness, in chemo-thermal disinfecting washing procedures set up at 60°C.

Benefits of AdvaCare chemo-thermal disinfection processes
Note: Benefits of AdvaCare solutions, based on the combination of Advacare emulsion with
Ozonit Performance* or Ozonit Super* or AdvaCare DES*
*Use biocide safely. Read label upfront.
Check local availability and biocide registration

AdvaCare PRO is an alternative program to the 40°C process, and offers as well an effective and broad spectrum efficacy against multiple pathogens. The mild process conditions of this solution help to preserve textile fibres, maintain the original colour brightness and remove effectively malodours and different soils from 60°C onwards. An example of combined application of real data management and innovative chemo-thermal programs to deliver consistent and validated hygiene standards is given by laundry Haas GmbH, a South Tyrolean healthcare provider, that’s located in the North of Italy, Vadena in Trentino Alto Adige.

RAL Certified Laundry HAAS GmbH

By covering the requirements given by the RAL-GZ 992/1/2/3, RABC and other quality certification marks (QualityAustria and Oeko-Tex Standard 100) the laundry HAAS can offer a high level of security for the plants processing the textiles, according to these specifications, and as well as for their customers. Marcus Haas, the CEO of the laundry and Jens Mueller, the production manager, explained how the facilities they serve perceive their certifications and RAL mark: “The end customer can totally rely on the quality and hygienic cleanliness. With the quality system of their laundry provider being controlled by an independent third party institution, they have a certificate for proven textile and hygiene quality under sustainable process conditions.”

They also underlined how following the guidelines for quality and hygienic conditions of RAL-GZ 992/1/2/3 leads not only to validated textile disinfection, but also to proven textile quality, through specific parameters to be fulfilled for fibre protection during washing, and high environmental sustainability for the processes in place, through the application of equipment and washing solutions that allows to optimise water & energy consumptions. The laundry is delivering different chemothermal and wash processes for healthcare, social care, professional garments and mats, thanks to the latest technology applied by Ecolab at 40 °C and 60°C for these market sectors.

Furthermore, Haas laundry is currently working on a joint project to combine the Ecolab enVision data with that of laundry machines and the RFID-chipped laundry items. In this way, with the scope of being able to track at any time which laundry item is washed. What about the future of laundry? Looking ahead the capability to work with partners that allows to boost the synergy between the adoption of performing washing solutions and chemo-thermal disinfecting modules with powerful real-time data management tools represent an extremely important key to differentiate the offer on the market, by delivering superior and validated textile quality, and optimising the sustainable impact, too, wash after wash. •

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