A new technology for a more sustainable wash


Ecolab Textile Care has introduced MultiCare™ PRO, a program that helps commercial laundries to run laundry operations with highly sustainable and effective washing solutions
for Hospitality market sector and mixed laundries. Ecolab’s Textile Care team of R&D specialists have created new sustainable washing solutions that can help hospitality laundries that we serve to optimize their laundry operations and provide their customers with the best possible laundry service for their guests. The MultiCare™ PRO program can help to create added value at different levels inside the laundry touching key factors that matter, such as improved performance, operational efficiency and sustainable impact. The new platform will cover the needs of washing solutions at 60-70°C, providing key added values also clearly identified by the market, such as high level textile quality, high level of whiteness and high level of sustainability. The platform concept has a double level of communication: for the laundry and from the laundry to their customers. Values you can count on: Clean & White. Sustainable & Powerful.

Value creation thanks to the new Hospitality solution MultiCare™ PRO


This Value Creation approach helps deliver an effective wash solution for hospitality textiles and mixed laundries (hospitality uniforms, long term care flat linen and uniforms) and can be integrated with a disinfection module to assure the D+ disinfection level and COVID-19 protection everywhere the highest standards of textile hygiene are required.

The main detergent of the program is MultiCare™ emulsion. All components of this main detergent have been chosen to enable the detergent to work in a perfect synergy with the other elements of the platform and deliver a high level of flexibility, according to the different types of soil level and textiles. MultiCare™ PRO relies on key elements linked to Sustainability & Wash Performance:
1. Positive impact on the environment thanks to EU-Ecolabel certification & P-free chemistry of the main liquid detergent.
2. Lower Carbon footprint impact thanks to lower COD surfactant mix of the detergent and gentle processes with high control of alkalinity and better rinsing.
3. Powerful performance and gentle wash processes at 60°C- 70°C, thanks to the new mix of surfactants and complexing agents effective in different wash conditions.
4. Best in class whiteness level from 60°C onwards for Hospitality market sector thanks to innovative whitening molecules.
5. Optimization of pH neutralization for the laundry wastewater treatment, thanks to reduced alkalinity of the wash process.



Laundry Sustainability with MultiCare™ PRO can create an added value thanks to different multilevel of action: EU-Ecolabel certification on main detergent, P-free chemistry and Carbon footprint reduction. The MultiCare™ emulsion meets the highest standards of quality & sustainability of EU-Ecolabel certification and includes a new mix of surfactants effective on different types of stains. Kinder to nature, it reduces COD emissions and the impact of the wash process on the carbon footprint emission of the laundry wastewater treatment.

This new emulsion formulation has been developed using a highly effective Phosphorous free anti-dispersing and complexing chemistry. The innovative active ingredient included delivers a powerful wash performance and high whiteness protection. The wash results are comparable to those obtained using standard detergents that contain phosphonates as complexing agents.


The new chemistry of Ecolab MultiCare™ emulsion formula delivers an efficient stain-fighting power with 2 levels of action:
• Flexibility in pH according to the soil level to reach high wash performance
• Fiber protection from soil redeposition thanks to P-free new complexing ingredients.
The MultiCare™ PRO platform gentle process can offer improved rinsing and neutralization, reduce salt load and keep towels soft and fluffy after every wash. Thanks to its flexibility the program works lower alkalinity in the wash and rinse areas. This reduced alkalinity together with the new antifoam science included in MultiCare™ emulsion can improve the rinsing phase. An additional benefit linked to the reduced alkalinity of the wash process is the possibility of delivering a positive impact on the management of the acid used for the neutralization of the wastewater treatment.



The new MultiCare™ emulsion can work in synergy with the other components in order to provide a powerful whiteness level protection wash after wash: MultiCare™ emulsion can be combined with laundry oxygen based bleach/disinfectants included in the Oxybrite/Ozonit family (OxyBrite Perfekt, Ozonit Super, Ozonit Performance). The new generation of high performing complexing and whitening molecules that have been included in MultiCare™ emulsion boost the whiteness protection whilst meeting EU- Ecolabel
certification requirements. “Safe” textiles come from effective washing and disinfection processes, but also from the control and monitoring of the hygienical conditions of the washing machine (control of bio-contamination in the press area, for example) and from “safe “surfaces, too.



When needed, the MultiCare™ PRO program can be adapted and applied according to the D+ product combination: Multi- Care™ emulsion combined with the laundry disinfectant Ozonit Performance/Ozonit Super have been tested and regarded as effective against different pathogens, including viruses including enveloped ones like the SARS-CoV-2.


MultiCare™ PRO D+ disinfection module offers chemo-thermal textile disinfection processes at 60°C when specific use conditions are followed: product combination (detergent and laundry disinfectant), required concentration, contact time, temperature and washing conditions. The MultiCare™ PRO program offers a high level of flexibility in managing washing needs for Hospitality and mixed laundries, providing effective stain management and whiteness protection and meeting high standards of sustainability. Thanks to MultiCare™ PRO, your textiles can be clean, white, sustainable & powerful.


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