Ecolab is rethinking laundry solutions: Efficiency & Flexibility meet Sustainability

Ecolab Textile Care has introduced SoftGuard DELICATE, AdvaCare PRO, AdvaCare ULTIMATE, and MultiCare™ PRO to help commercial laundries address customers’ needs across different market sectors and optimize laundry operations with a higher level of flexibility, wash process efficiency and environmental sustainability. When it comes to today’s laundry solutions, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of textile protection and hygiene control, beyond an efficient cleanliness. Since the demand for “green” solutions is strongly increasing, there is a careful balance to be built between high levels of textile disinfection and environmental sustainability. SoftGuard DELICATE, AdvaCare Solutions and MultiCare PRO target different textile washing needs (delicates, healthcare linen, long term care linen, hospitality linen), with key features that create added value.

These multi-component platforms cover a wide range of wash temperatures: from 20°C up to 40°C for delicate fibers with SoftGuard DELICATE, from 40°C with AdvaCare ULTIMATE, up to 60°C, with AdvaCare PRO for healthcare linen, from 60°C onwards with MultiCare PRO, for hotel linen and linen from other market segments. We include new technology into detergent formulations, based on a long research on specific, highly efficient and sustainable surfactant chemistry. It is effective on fat and pigments at just 20°C for delicate fibers and starting from 40°C to 60°C to target healthcare and hospitality linen needs, through a new concept of emulsion formula. Delicate Detergent, AdvaCare Emulsion and MultiCare Emulsion represent the ultimate generation of a more sustainable chemistry, that allows to adapt a wash process set up to specific cleaning needs of textiles. Low temp and low alkalinity set up, lower COD emission and final carbon footprint reduce the impact of the complete process on the waste water treatment.

All the new technology platforms can enhance the sustainability performance, based on new active ingredients through the chemistry of the main detergent, and can also deliver high level of hygiene, through D+ wash process set up (specific combination of detergent and laundry biocide). These D+ modules are effective against a broad range of pathogens, according to specific reference EN norms and are validated according to the latest BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) requirements for textile disinfection.

The balance between textile hygiene, disinfection and garment protection is crucial especially for healthcare and long-term care linen sectors: Ecolab developed two new solutions to target different textile needs more efficiently. AdvaCare solutions are the perfect answer to help maintain the right balance of active ingredients necessary for an effective recontamination control in the wash process. At the same time, the solution protects the features of healthcare linen and garments, wash after wash. Within AdvaCare PRO, AdvaCare Emulsion can be combined with Ozonit Performance or Ozonit Super biocides in 60°C wash processes and delivers best-in-class whiteness and efficient removal of healthcare stains from flat linen and uniforms. Within AdvaCare ULTIMATE AdvaCare Emulsion is combined with our latest innovation in term of low temp disinfection AdvaCare DES: effective disinfection is validated at just 40°C to guarantee maximum hygiene and textile protection, prevent colors from transferring or bleeding through a gentle wash process, reduce water and energy costs.

When it comes to washing needs for delicate textiles, the new program SoftGuard Delicate is our answer in term of maximum comfort, smooth touch and disinfection. This platform delivers two levels of shape and color protection: the perfect match between Delicate Detergent and Delicate Finish enables to protect delicate fibers from shrinkage, felting, pilling and to guarantee consistent color brilliance maintenance, wash after wash.

Differentiated wash process set up are available from 20°C up to 40°C, also including special ones for the wet cleaning application and for D+ disinfection module (40°C, Delicate detergent combined with Delicate DES new low temp laundry biocide). Beyond Delicate detergent and AdvaCare emulsion, also Ecolab’s MultiCare emulsion fulfills the demand for higher sustainability by allowing laundries to achieve a great wash outcome for hospitality linen with lower impact on the environment.

MultiCare PRO delivers a lower impact on the waste water treatment, also thanks to the possibility to work in conditions of reduced alkalinity, due to carefully selected surfactant mix and to new high performing complexing molecules, phosphorous free. This new 60°C solution completes our hospitality offer, beyond the low temp program OxyGuard40. It enables laundries to manage wash conditions with high flexibility in the process set up, according to the textiles washed: the new emulsion enables to cover a wide range of soil removal conditions andtextile wash demands. Beside the meaningful COD reduction impact, all platforms provide a more valuable benefit in terms of sustainability as the main detergent has obtained an ecolabelling included in Type I (ISO 14024) with specific license numbers released for the detergent only and recognized as one of the European certified symbols of environmental excellence.

All the main features of the new platforms can really elevate the offer of commercial laundries for their customers over a broad range of applications and textile wash needs, with a clear communication on sustainability and quality, through efficient laundry processes.

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