COVER STORY — E-laundry, a winning story by Casella Sas from Naples


Only a few years spent between the internet platform and visiting laundries and dry-cleaners in Campania by van resulted in increasing the turnover of the business by 1000%, and contributed to a warehouse that contains 1,500 items today. This is how the great entrepreneurial adventure of the young Matteo Casella developed starting from selling perfumes on e-Bay. The current result is a megastore able to service online companies from all over Italy and its imminent entrance to foreign markets. The success was born from the conviction that not only the machines and products but also a laundry model – either managed by personnel or a coin op – are powered by precise principles of sustainability, wellbeing and services offered to clients 

“E-laundry”, the present and the future of laundry. It is “e-laundry” where the prefix “e” is the same as in e-commerce, e-mobility, e-sport, e-light, e-learning, e-medicine, e-banking and whatever more can be conformed, in terms of automation and connectivity, to the transformations of the more and more globalized world. A quarter of century ago, the arrival of the e-Bay platform started a socio-cultural revolution even before the commercial one, branded by the pioneering, immediately significant vowel “e”.

Therefore, in the sign of the e-laundry, we are marching towards digital and sustainable laundry realities inspired by the new concepts of care services to clients. This is what the history demonstrates, temporarily short, yet long and significant in the way events took place in case of Casella business based in Pomigliano d’Arco in the outskirts of Naples. The young company quickly progressed from the initial 80 thousand euro to the current turnover of 850 thousand euro. The irrepressible expansion of Casella S.a.s is focused on an electronic “megastore” able to supply laundries in Campania and in Italy with machines and products contained by the warehouse, more than 1,500 items. The imminent opening of sales channels abroad will only confirm the positive trend of the business whose 20% of the turnover is realized through internet sales and home delivery. The first decisive inspiration along the road that takes us to the bright, present times appeared in 2004 when Mr. Ciro Casella, after having worked as a laundry technician, decided to open his own commercial activity near Naples. “While my father was taking that road, I was exploring the potential of commerce through the internet” says Matteo, Casella’s son and the current owner of the business. Born in 1990, before he graduated in Economics, a 17-year-old high-school student Matteo Casella successfully developed the sales of perfumes on e-Bay. At that time, he gained experience and knowledge of the network functioning, its processes and web phenomena, which turned out to be crucial when the moment of joining his father’s company came. “What followed – the 28-year-old businessman explains today – was another, great and determining work experience, namely the direct door to door relations with our clients”.

In 2013, Matteo Casella who was about to graduate, started his business by travelling around Campania by van visiting laundries based in the region. He would get off his van, talk to the owners proposing laundry machines by Renzacci and chemical products by Tintolav. “That experience was extremely enriching – he reveals – as it allowed me to understand not only what the immediate needs of those laundries were but also to see their real potential of growth. Therefore, all things considered, once I drew my conclusions looking at the acquired contacts through the computer and those resulting from my visits by van, I decided that the moment of trying the great step forward came”.
Given such preconditions, we can better understand the impressive acceleration stages that characterize the development of Casella over the last five years. They are due to one main factor. “It is called sharing – clarifies the owner of the business – which means being on the same wavelength with laundry businesses inclined to invest in the necessary development, crucial for their economic growth. Such freedom, apart from its fundamental role in client care, extends over an infinite number of aspects including e.g. the furniture and the way businesses present themselves to clients. Not by chance, Casella’s catalogue dedicated great care to this aspect. From the shop counter to the washing machines, passing through ironing and spotting tables: everything we can see inside a commercial laundry of XXI century aims at wellbeing. It does comprise cleaning, yet it goes beyond that and guarantees values such as hygiene, environmental sustainability and energy saving”.
“This is why – Matteo Casella continues – I am glad I personally campaigned in favour of hydrocarbon laundry machines or natural solvents: not only because I believe in them but because they lead to more and more important results.  To start with, the decisive experience deriving from commercializing the Clean Bio, a laundry line launched by Renzacci to promote a different concept of cleaning, fully “bio”, obtained through natural cleaning processes exclusively”.
The enthusiasm is fuelled by the ideas and by real facts such as tripling the production site size. The previous warehouse was 200 sq. m. whereas the current one based in Pomigliano d’Arco, the same industrial site where Fiat operates, is 600 sq. m. Every day, seven employees of Casella manage the orders and deliveries all over Italy. Most of them are activated through the company website where the client is constantly updated on the catalogue opportunities that leave nothing behind as far as modern laundry equipment goes: from packing machines to drying ironers, from washing machines (both dry-cleaning and industrial washers) to  vacuum packaging machines, from steam generators to sanitizing cabinets, from dryers to conveyor systems and all that can be found in a universal catalogue that contains a thousand and five hundred different articles.
“It is nice to discover how contagious enthusiasm can be – reveals Matteo Casella – by involving companies in the role of partners, e. g. Santa Chiara laundry shop run by Andrea Gaeta. The endorsement shop based in Napoli-Decumani successfully spread the Bio Clean experience to other laundry shops having embraced the idea that today, competition can co-exist by sharing principles aimed at the growth of the entire sector”.
Therefore, in 2019, Casella’s name has become significant to all the laundry businesses in Campania region and outside. The simple reason being that if one wants to invest in opening a laundry, they will find a permanent sort of consultancy in Casella that can be useful at all times, e.g. to open a self-service laundry as well. “In this case, we will start by a careful analysis of the territory and its inhabitants – the businessman explains – because it is fundamental to identify a scarcely serviced and sufficiently dense area. At this point, Casella puts the machines and an impressive, experienced on site, operative know-how to the disposal of the clients”. The words are boosted by the community created through the popular Casella Sas Facebook page, widely clicked.
One experience after another, Casella’s achievements translate to, in the month of February, the opening of a new 250 sq. m. factory in Pomezia, Lazio. “It is one more, important point of view that helps to better outline, in Italy and abroad, the concept of an e-laundry that is more and more spread, and that should never be taken for granted – concludes Matteo Casella. – Where the future shows us the possibilities of laundries that are multi-service to a bigger extent, and where right next to self-service washing machines there is a professional operator at the counter who receives precious garments from clients, often authentic family goods, garments worth more than a thousand euros”.
Sustainable, multi-use and completely reliable. Such is the laundry guaranteed by Casella brand. In one word, “e-laundry”.





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80038 Pomigliano D’Arco NA
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by Stefano Ferrio






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