Clean Pro is offering a universal products range, suitable to meet any need and any requirement, specific detergents and products dedicated for both wet cleaning and dry-cleaning. Study, research and testing are the foundation milestones of the company, that today have become a method and a working practice for the refinement of the existing products but also for creating new products. Cleaning the garments is the starting point. But cleaning must also be combined with the care for the fibres, so it is a must to have a professional detergent specifically designed for all requirements.

Clean Pro’s offer is dedicated to the entire laundry market: from small to large laundries, from laundry shops to industrial laundries, from launderettes to self-service laundries. A wide range that can be tailored to the individual needs. Apart from being washed to perfection, the garments must also be appropriately softened, degreased, sanitised, perfumed and subjected to all those processes that make it possible to deliver them to the customer “as good as new”, from every point of view. Clean Pro is widely accredited on the market, as it takes care about all the Italian laundries, like those textile care companies that are serving daily millions of families, companies, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants in Italy (and beyond).

Quality is the guideline of Clean Pro, and it is reflected in the garment hygiene accuracy. Two years of health crisis have left their mark, the awareness and maturity degree reached by the community has led to a clear orientation: cleaning and sanitisation are equal with the personal well-being. Is there anyone still willing to turn a blind eye when it comes to garment sanitisation and disinfection? Clean Pro assumes that there cannot be a compromise on hygiene. Clean Pro was created on scientifically solid foundations and extensive study. Clean Pro was created to fill a vitally important market gap, to respond to the lack of a targeted universal textile care products line.

A company organisation, the one of Clean pro, has successfully designed and manufactured suitable products for every need. Starting from “Lavante”, an economical and widely everyday used product, and up to the WET CLEANING products, that after years of study and testing, we can say that there shouldn’t be any worry for our customers any more. The products of the WET CLEAN PRO line are designed to support the customer even in the treatment of delicate and special garments (such as wool, silk, cashmere and other delicate items) and, as always, in the utmost simplicity and practicality.

“The WET
line designed
for the delicate

The self-service line, on the other hand, has been designed for the coin-up laundries customers, who are looking for a highly scented and persistent softeners alongside eco-friendly and professional detergents. The range also includes a PET WASH product, as these machines are present in 75% of self-service laundries today. A line that includes 3 products: a detergent with sanitiser, a sanitising additive and the already mentioned PET WASH detergent, useful to prevent bacteria transmission by our four-legged friends. The DERMO line is Nickel and Chrome Free tested, without any added fragrances, ideal for all those customers allergic to common detergents. I think that in every laundry, emphasises Matteo Casella, the CEO of Clean Pro, the customers should have the possibility to ask for this type of treatment, which should be included in the price list as the piece of resistance of every textile care professional!

“The Green line
is free
of chemical

The GREEN line, as described above, has been designed for those who are looking for a total eco-compatibility. Detergents and softeners with no chemical surfactants in their formula (less than 1%) represent the new XXI century approach that we must take for our own future and that of our children. And finally, during the current times of global emergency, marked up from a sanitary and economical point of view, we cannot forget to mention the sanitising products line. As already mentioned, the focus goes to a 3 products line: a detergent with sanitiser, a sanitising additive and a PET WASH product to prevent bacteria transmission by our 4-legged friends.

The range is then completed by a variety of detergents and softeners suitable for all needs: detergents, gel detergents, softeners with floral fragrances! Today Clean Pro is a company that offers an extensive and effective support to the laundries all-over Italy, from north to south, east to west, but it doesn’t stop there. The objective, already in progress, is to take the quality and professionalism of Clean Pro detergents beyond the national borders, as the European market is already waiting for innovative products. And innovation won’t be missing at EXPOdetergo International (Fiera Milano Rho 21- 24 October 2022). Clean Pro will be there to welcome you to its booth, for getting yourself convinced of its products quality. •





Detergo Magazine – Number 4, April 2022