Small and big laundries, heavy-duty, industrial and drycleaning labs, laundries in the  neighborhood and coin-ops, the historic ones and start-ups: obtaining quality is your right and Clean Pro can guarantee it for you. It can do it simply because the brand is based on two pillars: scientific research and market knowledge. Both are guaranteed by the professionality of Clean Pro employees. Today, research and marketing are crucial requirements in reaching excellence of the service and the “wellbeing” of the customers, which is an absolute priority in the world aiming at a “recovery”. In order for it to happen, it needs to be based on best practices and a commonly shared approach. With such an objective in mind, Clean Pro was created on the basis of strict scientific research and on a thorough marketing study, extended over the entire Italian territory. The business was founded to fill in an extremely important market gap that had reflected the lack of a targeted universal textile care product line.

Clean Pro products are indeed “universal” because they have been designed for the entire laundry chain in order to contribute to the improvements of the sector in terms of sustainability and the protection of our planet. At the same time, the products are “targeted” at they have been realized in such a wide range that they can guarantee the best possible response to every single issue relating to garments treatment. The latter, as a matter of fact, apart from being cleaned perfectly well, need to be adequately softened, degreased, sanitized and scented. Garments also need to undergo all those processes that make them “good as new” from every point of view when delivered to customers. This is why, from Mont Blanc to Lampedusa island, Clean Pro cares about Italy and its laundries that service millions of families, companies, health care structures, hotels and restaurants spread over the peninsula. In order to see the products, you need nothing more than click on the website of Clean Pro

Keeping in mind the objective of “servicing everybody” and meeting everybody’s needs, Clean Pro presents several product lines characterized by natural scents that help clients and staff share sustainable environment:
• detergents
• softeners
• dry-cleaning products
• self-service products
• additives.

The prerequisite and the objectives of every laundry detergent producer should be the evaluation and estimate of the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT! All the formulations developed for CLEAN PRO product range are ecocompatible. As a matter of fact, not only the GREEN labelled products containing plant origin surfactants but also the “classic” products, that present low percentage of surfactants, will guarantee the minimum dispersion of polluting chemical products into the environment.

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The product range includes simple solutions developed for every type of laundry, from a small business to a large factory. We have managed to create products that adapt to every need, starting from “Lavante”, an economic, everyday use product, to our WET CLEANING solutions. After years of studies and tests, today we can say that nothing should scare our clients anymore; the WET CLEAN PRO products have been developed to support clients also in the treatment of delicate and particular garments (wool, silk, cashmere and other delicate garments) following the concepts of practical use and simplicity at all times. Our SELF-SERVICE line has been developed for coin-op customers who look for highly scented and persistent softeners together with eco-compatible and professional detergents. The range also includes a PET WASH product as this kind of washing machines are present in 75% of self-service laundries today.

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are all sanitizing

The line includes 3 products: a detergent with sanitizer, a sanitizing additive and the already mentioned PET WASH detergent, useful in the prevention of bacteria spread by our 4-legged friends.

The DERMO line, nickel tested and chrome free, without any added
common detergents. “I believe that clients should be able to ask any laundry” underlines Matteo Casella, the CEO of Clean Pro, “for this kind of treatment. It should make part of an offer as a lead product of any professional textile care business!” The GREEN line has been developed for those who look for a total environmental eco-compatibility. The detergent and the softener do not contain any chemical surfactants (less than 1%) and they represent a new, XXI century approach in trying to give future to ourselves and our children.

Finally, during the current times of the global emergency on both sanitary and economic level, we could not forget about a sanitizing product line. As we have already mentioned above, the focus goes to three products: a detergent, an additive and a pet wash product. All of them contain a sanitizing quality in order to prevent and eliminate any possible bacteria and viruses. The range is completed by a variety of detergents and softeners matching all the needs: detergents, gel detergents and flower fragrance softeners!


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edited by Marzio Nava

MARCH 2021