If the 40th anniversary of Battistella BG based in Rossano Veneto in Vicenza province was celebrated five years ago with the focus on the tradition and the family history – that follows the history of the company this family runs, a business present in Italy and all around the world – today, in 2020, the celebration of the 45th anniversary has a completely different taste. The difficulties due to the pandemic, on both national and international level, have imposed the change of plans, “on 18 and 19 September, we were supposed to celebrate 45 years of our business activity by holding a two-day celebration dedicated to our products and the company but given the current situation,
where all the sector operators are playing it by ear and the sanitary and safety protocols are rather rigid, we actually had to suspend everything” says Daniele Battistella, the President of the company.
What has not been suspended is the readiness to innovate. Because  the added value of this company is the combination of the solid base of tradition with freshness and innovation. And innovation translates to both higher automation levels in productive processes, the just in time, and to the development of new products.
Michele Battistella, the Sales Director, explains, “in September, we are going to present our new internet website that, apart from its captivating new look and layout, is going to be more simple, intuitive and functional. The new commercial and marketing strategy of the company aims at presenting the quality of our products and the way they work in a direct and clear way”.
The presentation of the new catalogue Battistella 2.0 follows the same concept and so does the communication model of the company in general. Another crucial part of communication will be use of social networks that allow to reach the clients in an immediate and quick way. A clear graphic identity will become a single connecting thread that links the website, the catalogue and all the social networks.
“Every product in our catalogue will be provided with a QR code directly linked to our website where clients will be able to find all the information on that particular machine including presentation videos”.
Let us now focus on the range of products and new entries that Battistella is going to launch. “Our company’s core business is a vast production of ironing boards, steam generators, spotting units, toppers and presses. However, at this particular moment of a sanitary crisis, we decided to invest time and resources in research and development of products specifically dedicated to sanitization”. As a matter of fact, we are going to present some of our new products in September.
“Over the last months, we have collected a few constructive suggestions from our clients about improving our ozone cabin, GEA.
It turns out that, from the aesthetics point of view, the product has been perceived as too technical and too “industrial” looking to be placed in certain types of work environments. Therefore, we decided to design a product that could do both strike with its beauty and be appreciated for its technical features. Consequently, we focused on a partially different market target”. IRIS, the new ozone cabin, has been designed for professionals such as beauticians, hair stylists, hotels, but also laundries orientated towards the aesthetic standards of machines.

Also, clients will be able to customize the cabin choosing from an infinite number of colors so that it suits their needs best.

“IRIS, the new
ozone cabin,
technical quality
and captivating

The technical features of Iris are very similar to those of GEA, considering
that the machine offers optimal results. The engine is actually the same and so are the quality lamps that produce ozone to disinfect the objects/garments placed inside. The cabin can be used to sanitize everyday objects, from shoes to motorcycle helmets or wheelchairs used by nursing homes residents.
accredited lab just like all our products
“As far as sanitizing rooms and air is concerned, we also designed, apart from the 80-160 portable generators and the industrial versions 500 – 1000, a semi-professional version of ATLANTIDE for 240 cubic meters rooms. This version has been designed for clients who need to sanitize a large space but who do not want to invest in industrial sanitizing models.


Similarly, the ozone cabin MAXI GEA has been designed following different requests as far dimensions go. MAXI GEA is 2 meters high, 1.6 meters large and 60 cm deep which allows to sanitize about 80-100 garments at a time, a small war machine of sanitizing.
Among the new entries, we cannot forget about the wide range of finishing machines by Battistella that will be presented in autumn: IRIDE, a jacket finisher and PENELOPE, a rotating cabin.
Controlled by a 7” touch screen, IRIDE can finish jackets, coats, raincoats, winter jackets, leather garments, dresses and similar pieces of any size and fabrics. The finisher does not need to be operated by specialized staff thanks to the intuitive and simple use. High-quality finishing is guaranteed by the smart tensioning of garments and by a strong flow of hot air, heated by an internal battery. Size settings are carried out automatically. The name IRIDE is dedicated to the world cycling championships under 23 won by Samuele Battistella in 2019.


PENELOPE instead, is a rotating cabin for an automatic finishing of any garment, e.g. shirts, pants, jackets, T-shirts. It has been equipped with both pants finisher and shirts/jackets finisher. Its high productivity is guaranteed by the rotating system that allows to upload a garment on a form while the other one is being finished on the opposite side at the same time. The machine translates to an extremely efficient solution for laundries. •
Coming soon, check the new products by Battistella BG at www.Battistellag.eu

Via Bessica 219 – I 36028 ROSSANO VENETO VI (Italy)
Tel./Ph. +39 0424 549027
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by Marzio Nava
Detergo Magazine September 2020