Battistella  family that runs “Battistella B.G.”, a company producing professional ironing  equipment based in Rossano Veneto (Vi)  reflects clearly outlined chromosomes of entrepreneurship combinet with great experience and innovation. As a matter of fact, what makes a real difference is the added value of product innovation, and everyone at the company is aware of that.
We are speaking with Daniele and Michele Battistella. They are telling us about how their research and development team developed a successful idea in spite of the lockdown due to the pandemic.
“First of all, it was all about a method. We needed to develop a product that would combine technological innovation, functionality and quality. And here comes the squaring of a circle: Archimede, our ironing board. But why Archimede? What is the logical connection with one of the greatest mathematicians in the history, who contributed to giving a critical impulse to the knowledge of engineering? “Vectis mihi et ego commovebo mundi!” that simply
stands for “give me a lever and I will lift up the world!”

From left: Daniele e Michele Battistella

“All the available Archimede® versions can be
vacuum or vacuum/blowing”

Everything starts with this phrase that relates to the beginnings of the mechanical engineering and its evolution. A conceivable lever both from the physical and psychological points of view as well as of a moral support. We basically got inspired by two main reasons that match the real needs:
• the first reason is that the ironing table Archimede has been equipped with a central lever that works as a pivot which means that operators can open up and close the table easily and effortlessly;
• as far as the second reason goes, we believe that we can actually “lift up the world” with this product as it could be a real revolution within our sector, especially in relation to export activities where the costs of transport affect the final price of a product.
We are quite aware of the fact that we have done a great job with this product, and we believe we will see the first comforting market results already over the next months. In the meantime, we decided to patent Archimede as we are convinced the product will be successful.

“Archimede® ironing table, specifically folded, it takes 70% less
space than a traditional industrial ironing table”

Thanks to 3 quick moves, without any technical knowledge, the table can be opened and folded. It takes 70% room less than a traditional industrial ironing table.
Once it is assembled, the table has got all the characteristics of an industrial product such as vacuuming, blowing, pressure and steam. We do not need to compromise anything in any way as the product’s standards are extremely high.

“To view the product
presentation, scan the QR CODE”

ARCHIMEDE is available in three versions:
• the version without a boiler which is a classic ironing table connected to steam or to a portable generator;
• the version with a 3-liter inox steel boiler. This version represents the right compromise that has been missing from the market so far. The product, with a completely industrial function of vacuuming and blowing, has been equipped with a 2 kW, 220 V boiler. We
can define it as an industrial table with domestic consumptions. It is ideal for any laundry that has got a limited space, or a tailoring shop, a textile lab or hotels;
• the version with a 6-liter inox steel boiler stands for a classic industrial ironing table with 4 kW electricity consumption and it offers a fully industrial performance.
I would like to underline that all the available Archimede versions are vacuum or vacuum/blowing models. Soon, also the steaming version will be available. It has been patented as well, and it is being tested by a laundry at the moment.
Having illustrated the three versions of Archimede, Daniele Battistella, the President of the company, explains in detail why it is possible to save space thanks to Archimede, and consequently, obtain a decrease in costs. Let us start with the producer’s warehouse. The product of this type allows us to save space.
Then, when we ship the product, we can reduce the transport costs by 70%. Let us not forget that the costs relating to the use of containers have tripled, due to the regulations and logistics difficulties deriving from the global current health crisis. The number of plane flights has been reduced significantly and the shipping lines, given that there are not many of them, control the prices. Once the product reaches the distributer’s warehouse, they will also save space in terms of storage and transport to the final customer.
And, dulcis in fundo, the final customer, that is always struggling to recuperate room at their premises, will be able to fold Archimede and place it in a corner at the end of the working day or when it is not used. Such a decrease in costs affects the entire production chain allowing us to contain the final price of the product, which translates to this virtuous circle, concludes Daniele Battistella.•

Via Bessica 219 – 36028 ROSSANO VENETO VI (Italy)
Tel./Ph. +39 0424 549027


by Marzio Nava
Detergo Magazine April 2021