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COVER STORY — A four-E laundry that according to Macpi, invests in research to produce quality

It is safe to say that economy, energy, ecology and ergonomics coexist reaching excellent levels in terms of production and market requests met by this company from Brescia area.  During the Open Days at Macpi we could admire the “jewels” of the house such as automatic units for industrial laundries, high technology applied to ironing equipment and the ecopower program, to name just a few. Below, the portrait of a business that services 15 thousand clients and that has established prestigious partnership with brands like Fimas, Jensen and Tolon   

Great success for the Open Days at Macpi. Unconditioned consensus at high ergonomic profile acquired by the brand thanks to the certifications that we are going to examine in this cover story, among other things.

On the occasion of Open Days, the world leading manufacturer of ironing machines happily hosted the clients and sellers at the headquarters in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia area, presenting the latest news on Macpi ironing machines both for industrial laundries and dry cleaners.

High attendance was registered on the first day, 31 March when the staff thoroughly illustrated the important news that has entered the already rich Macpi products catalogue. Numerous clients and distributors that came from all over Italy and Europe could admire the progress of this dynamic and constantly evolving company and its machines that represent the highest possible levels of reliability and technology.

Macpi, founded in 1961, has not become a world leader in mechanical textile finishing sector by chance.  It has fully expressed the authoritative tradition of designing and constructing advanced technology machines for clothing industry and laundries. The experience acquired for over 55 years has brought the business to producing extremely sophisticated automatic units for fabrics fusing in stitch free technology, loading and unloading treated garments and for the intermediate ironing and finishing of jackets, coats, jeans, blouses, shirts and trousers.  Moreover, the production includes a huge range of automatic and non-automatic units for stitch free garments of various kind.

Among Macpi products, automatic units for industrial laundries constitute an extremely important product range. The machines have been highly successful in Italy and abroad thanks to the dedication of the competent staff able to meet and deal with the requests expressed by the clients and distributors. Thanks to the collaboration with the biggest industrial laundry groups of the territory where it operates, Macpi managed to develop projects that were unthinkable until only a few years ago. What is more, the technical assistance service and specialized, practical, precise and flexible training designed to help the clients get the best solution possible have always been highly recognized.

As far as competitiveness goes, the company has been strongly orientated towards R&D – research and development – that guarantees constant product growth starting from clients’ needs; we are talking about continuous research that accepts no compromise as far as the downward policy goes. On the contrary, Macpi’s research department aims at reaching the best possible standards at all times.

Macpi group consists of three production units, two of which are situated in Italy and one in China, with three commercial divisions divided by a macro-product group.

The headquarters in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, since 1989, with its 12 thousand indoor square meters includes management offices, design department, technical assistance offices and R&D. The most complex and top of the range machines are designed here. Over the last years, the headquarters has been undergoing some radical changes in terms of internal reorganization in order to further improve and optimize the production.

The company can also count on the production site in Vigevano, the historical headquarters of Fimas ever since it was founded in 1986. Fimas, a producer of ironing tables, steam generators, stain removers and machines in general, has been acquired by Macpi and has kept its own commercial identity whose excellence is renowned in the dry-cleaning sector.

Macpi Shanghai production site opened 15 years ago. It is where the ironing and stitch free technology machines for clothing industry are produced. Moreover, the company has got direct commercial subsidiaries in numerous countries, from India to China, from Russia to North Africa and South America.

With its 250 collaborators, more than 15 thousand loyal clients all over the world and the consolidated turnover that increased by 30% in 2016 if compared to the previous year, the company is facing great future perspectives of growth in the industrial laundry sector, abroad too. It is also aiming at strengthening its position globally as far as dry cleaning laundries equipment is concerned.

Macpi’s history within industrial laundry sector is relatively recent, yet rich in important steps: as a matter of fact, about ten years ago, Macpi launched their first great projects aiming at development and sales of machines that had not been present on the market at that time. Today, the machines are recognized as unique thanks to their incomparable performance quality. The precious and advantageous collaboration with Jensen has allowed to interface new machine models with hanging garments transport systems creating in this way, high quality ironing integrated solutions that are extremely productive, qualitative and ergonomic. The successful and consolidated collaboration between Macpi and Jensen has undoubtedly produced outstanding results both in Italy and in Europe.

Furthermore, Macpi insisted and developed the 4Es that take the company into the future: energy, ecology, ergonomics and economy. As far as energy saving is concerned, the automatic units, thanks to shorter and shorter work cycles, hot air recovery systems, high pressure steam heated plates as well as the reduction in consumption have sharply reduced the impact of the ironing areas in laundries. Similarly, Macpi shirt finishers have also been equipped with a vacuuming hood that allows for hot air recovery, which contributes to more efficient consumption levels.

Macpi has also developed a dedicated company program branded “ecopower” that promotes this crucial aspect. What is more, some great steps forward have been made as far as simple and intuitive use of machines is concerned; Macpi is proud to announce that the machines follow the 4.0 requirements, equipped with a touch screen for a long time now, together with wi fi connection, USB and ethernet ports and the possibility of saving the programs that can easily interface with remote data management systems.

The automatic shirt and trousers finishing units are all fully automatic and integrated so that it is possible to get essential information on garments control, ironing quality and potential problems to be dealt with through quick and precise interventions.

During the Open Days at Macpi, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, another important focal point was the presentation of Tolon washing machines that will be distributed by Macpi in Italy exclusively. The representatives of the Turkish brand, a synonym of excellence and convenience illustrated latest generation Tolon machines.

Productivity and well-being of machine operators

The best of ergonomics for Macpi ironing

Four Macpi models certified by the University of Udine

The main focus of the two Open Days at Macpi was on ergonomics, a discipline that examines and regulates the best possible conditions at work that aim at the maximum productivity level combined with the well-being of operators. Macpi, thanks to the collaboration with Ergocert, a spin-off of the University of Udine, obtained the certification for its four machine models, which are the result of substantial interventions and precise re-projecting.

Here are the four certified machines in detail:

Model 290, a shirt finisher with 4 rotating stations: this automatic unit, really appreciated by the market is equipped with an automatic download of hanging garments connected with the transport system. The finishers have undergone substantial interventions; new models developed by Macpi are, as a matter of fact, telescopic which means that they can move up and down. It prevents the operator from having to raise their arms above the shoulder level and bend the back at the same time in order to work the garment. We moved from having to raise the arms above the shoulder level for a long time and continuously to having to raise them for less than 5% of the time, which means zero risk for the operator in terms of the wear of the body.

Model 322, no crease trousers finisher with 4 rotating stations: also this machine has been equipped with loading the hanging garments and the automatic downloading. The loading area has been made telescopic whereas before, the operator had to carry out the arm movements above the shoulder level in order to place the garment. The intervention on the machine allows for the workers to carry out operations without affecting neither the work of muscles nor tendons.

Model 295, trousers, blouses, t-shirts and other garments finisher: the model has been equipped with a mobile loading device that can be set according to the height and needs of operators. Also in this case, the automation levels of the machine already reached very high standards before. Yet, its ergonomic aspect has been recently improved even further by sharply reducing physically demanding movements of operators at work.

New 389 model, blowing shirt finishing: keeping ergonomics in mind, the machine has been lowered even more so that every single operator, no matter what height, can work comfortably and within the minimum degree of effort.

Also model 296, a single shirt pressed ironing and the combined 298 model turned out to be really successful and greatly appreciated.

Macpi exposed the entire machines range for dry cleaning laundries in their show-room.

Macpi Group
Via Piantada 9/D
25036 Palazzolo sull’Oglio BS (Italy)
Ph. +39 030 7403611
Fax: +39 030 7403681
E-mail: info@macpi.com


by Stefano Ferrio


MAY 2017




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