Natural green is as prominent a component of Christeyns’ company logo as is clean blue representing purity. This is a permanent reminder that we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We want to contribute to a world which is protected for future generations, but where comfort and quality have not been compromised


The best indicator of our environmental credentials is perhaps the fact that our main production facilities have achieved ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management. However, our approach is often a great deal “greener” than the standards currently prescribe. We also help our customers reduce their ecological footprint with new, truly eco-friendly solutions. At the basis of our environmental commitment is our research and development. Our R&D-team is continually searching for “greener” alternatives while maintaining the performance characteristics of our products. From concentrated formulations to innovative equipment, our products are designed to help improve safety, lower the use of water & energy and reduce the chemicals and waste released to the environment as much as possible. Our aim: minimal environmental impact throughout the whole life cycle of our products. All because we see a blue-green world as more than just a trend – it is a way of thinking, working and developing.

going greener
Our raw materials are purchased from carefully selected suppliers. For new products, sustainability is a key requirement in the selection of the ingredients. But also our existing formulations are evaluated regularly. Where possible, harmful raw materials are replaced by greener alternatives.



good management practice
Next to our ISO 9001 certified quality system, the ISO 14001 Safety and Environment Management System guarantees a continuous evaluation and improvement of all Christeyns facilities in terms of environmental issues. We minimize emissions, effluents and waste caused by our operations and dispose of waste through safe and responsible methods. As such, not one liter of production waste water is discharged in the sewer.


In recent years, we have developed a series of phosphate, perborate and NTA-free products. Some of our developments are backed by environmental certifications: The EU-ecolabel “Green’R” brand represents ecological cleaning products for institutional use, guaranteeing immaculate results. And for laundries, a complete range of “Nordic Swan” labeled products has been launched. The “Chriox” cleaning products are extremely environmentally friendly as well. They rapidly decompose after use and are not hazardous to human health nor to the environment. All our finished products come with clear safety and dosing instructions on technical data sheets, MSDS and safety wall charts, to maximally avoid misuse. Via Christeyns Academy, we can also offer training about safety precautions to our customers’ employees.


a proactive approach
We save on packaging waste first of all by developing more concentrated formulations. In addition, we use bulk packaging or recyclable materials wherever possible. The delivery of our products is organised as efficiently as possible in order to limit the transports and minimise the fuel consumption. Empty drums and containers are taken back from our customers and reconditioned by a specialised company.

less waste, more profit
Eco-friendly innovations like our ‘one wash one rinse’ or ‘lower temperature’ concepts for laundries, e.g. Cool Chemistry by Christeyns, have a direct impact on our customers’ ecological footprint. And on his wallet. Upon request, our water and energy specialists perform audits and give personalized advice on process optimization and reduction of water & energy consumption. Excessive use of detergents can be avoided thanks to our accurate dosing equipment, that can be managed from remote, and high-tech MIS.

everybody’s business!
Christeyns has a Safety, Health, Environment and Regulatory Affairs structure that is spread throughout the whole Christeyns group. The SHERA-department coordinates the implementation of national and international legal requirements for Christeyns products and activities, such as REACH. Values such as sustainable development, social development and an effective strategy for dealing with environmental problems are embedded in our Environmental Policy. It is a token of our commitment to work constructively towards creating sustainable solutions and contributing to a healthier environment.




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edited by Marzio Nava