CONA – CRIMA Steam line


CONA is a young and dynamic company based on a well-established AYVAZ Group, a leading business in the production and sale of industrial machines.

The AYVAZ Group, present in Italy for more than 25 years, has been supporting their business partners as an OEM rather than promoting its own brand. In 2010, given the different market conditions, the group founded CONA, a company that supports the business activities of the group and manages the distribution of their branded products manufactured in the 6 factories of the holding.

CONA is making its way into the market thanks to the strong background in the production of equipment widely used in steam machines and plants that constitute the primary source of energy in industrial processes. The company has quickly become a point of reference for important producers and installation technicians in Italy.

Steam management plants and machinery

Hard work and a strong interest to grow and develop new solutions, have led the company to creating a new brand that is completely dedicated to steam, CRIMA Steam Line.

Today, our Steam Line Catalogue offers a wide range of steam equipment from a single component to more complex engineered solutions.

Our products have been designed aiming at obtaining

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the maximum efficiency of the machines in compliance with the most rigorous standards of the sector.

Viale delle Industrie, snc
81020, San Marco Evangelista CE Italy


The company philosophy, that has always been the base for the entire production cycle (from AYVAZ to CONA), is to supply products that can be perfectly applied anywhere there is a request for high quality, a synonym of a long-term guarantee, and to provide services that will perfectly meet the expectations of customers.