There are products that must be touched and tested. The words embellishment, the concepts and evaluations emphasis, even if accurate, doesn’t really express too much often the idea about the excellence and the qualities of a product. How can you describe the pleasure of the scent and whiteness of a washed garment if you don’t really have it in your hands? The softness of a towel and the pleasant smell that it releases after washing, you can only appreciate after sinking your nose into its soft fabric. You can get that pleasant feeling only by touching the efficient results obtained after using the products from the different Clean Pro detergents lines

Which range of products is offering the company? We are asking Matteo Casella, the Manager of the company located in Casalnuovo, a suburb of the metropolitan city of Naples. “Detergents for water-washing, specific products for wet-cleaning but also for dry-cleaning. Garments cleaning is a starting point. But cleanliness means also respect for the fibres, so it is necessary to be combined with a professional detergent specifically designed for every need. Besides being perfectly washed, the garments need also to be softened, degreased, sanitized, perfumed – this is the perfect solution for Clean Pro.”

Clean Pro is widely recognized on the market as taking care of all Italian laundries, or textile care businesses servicing millions of households, businesses, healthcare facilities, RSAs, hotels and restaurants on a daily basis. Casella explains how, “in the past few years, the detergents sector in the small and in the industrial laundries has undergone a real revolution. There is an increasing attention to sustainability and responsibility, research and innovation, all indispensable requirements for achieving product excellence and customer welfare. Sustainability has become an increasingly pressing concern for most of the consumers.

detergent and fabric softener
free of chemical surfactants”

Therefore, most of the small and the industrial laundries are trying to reduce the environmental impact of their products. Which means that the companies are trying to use eco-friendly detergents and lowcarbon technologies, reducing the use of water and energy and trying to use always more biodegradable and less toxic ingredients.” In a perfect symbiosis with this policy, Clean Pro has launched the GREEN LINE especially designed for those seeking a total eco-compatibility. Detergent and fabric softener that are free of chemical surfactants (less than 1%) is the new approach that we will have to take for our future and that of our children. And finally, during the current times, marked up from a sanitary and economical point of view, we cannot forget to mention the sanitising products line. A line that includes 3 products: a detergent with sanitiser, a sanitising additive and a PET WASH product to prevent bacteria transmission by our 4-legged friends.


“PET WASH, detergent for preventing
bacteria proliferation
from our 4-legged friends”


“Social responsibility,” continues Casella, “is becoming increasingly important for the consumers, which are expecting an ethical and a responsible behaviour towards the society. The industrial laundries are therefore doing their best to improve the working conditions of their employees, but they are also making great efforts regarding the eco-compatibility of the products used. Everyone has to play their own role, from small to large businesses.” Research and innovation have become essential aspects for achieving product and service excellence.

The small laundries, at least the more structured ones, such as dry-cleaning and laundry shops, are therefore investing in new technologies and cleaning methods, such as the dry-cleaning with low-carbon emissions. In addition, the laundries are looking to enhance their customers’ experience through customized services and the use of advanced technology. According to Matteo Casella, “research and marketing are nowadays essential requirements for guaranteeing that service excellence and the “well-being” of the laundry customers, that is absolutely a priority in a world striving for a “Recovery” that, in order to be achieved, must be built on the best practices and common behaviours.

With this goal in mind, Clean Pro was founded on strict scientific foundations and thorough marketing research extended all over Italy. And it arises by finally covering a vital market gap, the lack of an universal detergents line dedicated for the textile care, but also a targeted textile care products line. Customer safety and well-being have become an increasingly important focus for both the small and the industrial laundries. These businesses are trying to ensure the highest hygiene in garment cleaning using high-temperature sanitizing technologies as well as disinfectant substances. In addition, the laundries are trying to provide services that are promoting the customers’ well-being, including the detergents for cleaning hypoallergenic fabrics and detergents for sensitive fabrics, and our products are all fulfilling this policy.”

The common thread of Clean Pro is the quality, reflected in a perfectly hygienic cleaning. Two years of health crisis have left their marks; the awareness and the level of maturity achieved have now brought us in a clear direction: cleanliness and sanitation are equivalent with the personal wellbeing. Is there anyone still willing to turn a blind eye when it comes to garment hygiene and disinfection? Clean Pro is starting from the premise that there can be no compromises on hygiene. But let’s continue with the illustration of the Clean Pro products. The company has succeeded to design and manufacture products tailored for every need.



From ” Lavante,” an economical and widely used daily product, and up to the WET CLEANING products, that after years of studies and testing, we can say that there is nothing left that could worry our customer; the products from the WET CLEAN PRO LINE are designed for supporting the customer also in the treatment of delicate and special garments (like wool, silk, cashmere and other delicate garments) in the utmost simple and practical way, as always. The SELF-SERVICE LINE, on the other hand, has been designed for the coin-up laundries customers, who are looking for a highly scented and persistent softeners alongside ecofriendly and professional detergents. The range also includes a PET WASH product, as these machines are present in 75% of self-service laundries today.

As already mentioned, a line that includes 3 products: a detergent with sanitiser, a sanitising additive and the already mentioned PET WASH detergent, useful to prevent bacteria transmission by our four-legged friends. The DERMO line is Nickel and Chrome Free tested, without any added fragrances, ideal for all those customers allergic to common detergents. The range is then completed by a variety of detergents and softeners suitable for all needs: detergents, gel detergents, softeners with floral fragrances! Today Clean Pro is a company that offers an extensive and effective support to the laundries all-over Italy.

“In conclusion, the detergents industry for the laundry sector is quickly evolving towards sustainability, responsibility, research and innovation. The companies that are successful meeting these consumer needs are those distinguishing themselves on the market, achieving the product and service excellence, while offering their customers a safe and healthy cleaning experience,” concludes Matteo Casella. •

Via Prof. Filippo Manna, 27
T: +39 0737 718009

by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # March 2023