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LAUNDRY GUIDE — Microplastics in textiles and garments, how can the problem be contained?

Microplastics are very small pieces of synthetic material with dimensions ranging from 0.1 µm to 5 mm (according to the European Chemical Agency and the European Food Safety Agency). Because of this wide definition, the category contains a great number of particles of different nature and origin. Their presence in the seas, and not only, has become a widely discussed …

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COVER STORY — Rotondi group, 4.0 laundry innovation

ROTONDI GROUP, a world leading business in the design and production of garment finishing machines for more than 40 years, has broadened the ironing equipment offer by launching flatwork finishing and folding machine range onto the laundry market. Since 2012, the business can offer any type of an ironing machine and meet market requests at 360° as far as garment …

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ITALIAN TALENT — Fire at Mariella’s laundry… Back on her feet thanks to the clients’ solidarity

A wonderful story of solidarity with Mancini Laundry Dolphin as the main character. Based in Marano in Naples province and run by Maria Castellone, the shop caught fire because of a short circuit last June. Not a month passed and the shop re-opened thanks to the support of the entire family and the many inhabitants of the town, grateful for …

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ITALIAN TALENT — Bussolini Design, a multi-service laundry for Puglia’s great events

Fifteen years have been enough to trace an extraordinary parabola of this brand from Bari. Bussolini brothers have created it while focusing on supplying not only high-quality linen but also furniture, catering and whatever else is needed to define the excellence of structures that organize “front cover” wedding parties, receptions and company events for big brands. The results translate to …

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Cover Story — Renzacci, patents and exclusive models exported to 120 countries worldwide

Renzacci S.p.a. and its strong traditional innovative power rely on the ceaseless activities of research and development of new technologies in which the business invests about 7% of the total annual turnover. Since 1965, Renzacci Spa has not stopped anticipating the future in the sector of the machines and the industrial laundry technologies through numerous patents and innovations able to …

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LAUNDRY GUIDE — Recycling in textile sector: methodologies, problems and solutions

The everyday use of garments, workwear, towels or bed sheets leads to the end of the lifecycle of the materials even if their maintenance is carried out correctly if not perfectly. Still, the decline of the material cannot be avoided. What happens to the materials whose lifecycle ended? The concept of recycling is acquiring more and more importance. With time, …

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