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The hospitality exhibition is the ideal catwalk for products that are totally inspired by the principles of “Technology in progress” and “Tailor-made” which the Treviso-based company applies to machinery that is perfect for customers from all walks of life: large hotels, coin-op laundries, and Franciscan convents in the Holy Land. With a focus on a new, ecological and sustainable model of Made in Italy quality

savoy_ingressoWhat do a Franciscan convent of the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, the 4-star Savoy Beach hotel in Paestum, and the Punto Blu coin-op in Lignano Pineta have in common? Perhaps we’re missing something here, because the world works in mysterious ways but one thing we know for sure is that they all share the IMESA trademark which is clearly visible on the machines they use to wash Monk Salvatore’s cowl, the bed linen from the hotel suite with a view of the Temple of Neptune, and the shirts belonging to the bespectacled single living upstairs.

LAVANDERIA TERRASANTANothing like the “references” exhibited in the company’s website demonstrate the lengths that IMESA goes to in applying its philosophy to its daily business. This can be summed up with the English term “Technology in Progress”. Here progress means using its technology to make every customer happy: from those working with luxury to those working on the low-cost front. This universality is what makes IMESA the ideal exhibitor at an event like Host, showing once again (on 23-27 October at Fiera Milano) what reception and hospitality mean in 2015.

We started with these topics our interview with Carlo Miotto, sales manager at IMESA, who runs the company with his brother and the managing director.

– Host has a very nice ring to it because it uses an English, and therefore international name, for an exhibition that deals with something very Italian. Hospitality means tourism, hotels, cuisine. Does it conjure up anything else to Carlo Miotto?

“Another English word that is very dear to us is ‘Tailor-made’, meaning made-to-measure, similar to the ‘Made in Italy’ of the good times. With the difference that in our present-day globalized world, those useless fences no longer exist and, to put it very simply, beauty attracts beauty, without looking at borders and flags. This is the great lesson that Expo taught us this year, but  has always been very dear to Host”.

FOTO TAILOR MADE– It’s a cultural battle, not just an industrial mission.

“For IMESA one is impossible without the other, and Host is the ideal catwalk to show this”.

– How?

“Because we don’t simply display machinery that is a veritable showpiece of technology and design. The beauty of this machinery becomes something real only if I apply the principles that have now become must-haves when producing it: lower energy consumption, environmental-friendly detergents, eco-sustainability, lower costs. These machines are beautiful because they are virtuous, and not just functional”.

– What does following this direction mean for a company?

“It means putting the human factor first, before a market that is only made of incoming and outgoing figures”.

TDM CTRL PANEL– The human factor means customers first of all.

“For IMESA, which has been selling all over the world for some time now, every customer is like a pair of binoculars that let you see better into his country,  zoom in on the its market, traditions, needs and therefore its development potential”.

– How isolated do you feel when you see how the world is developing around us?

“We definitely like to be alone, and therefore free to interact with whoever we choose, based on the decisions that are made at IMESA only”.

– Without worrying about being part of a group, I seem to understand.

“Groups and large international alliances are the inevitable consequences of such a globalized world. However we are firmly convinced that globalization is a variable, not a fixed factor, and can only change for the better with the addition of specific talents, and specifically designed to contribute to the world’s beauty”.

003– Beauty immediately evokes “Belpaese” that is, Italy.

“This is our role in this new world. Where, as Expo shows, the do-goodery of a country that comes to the rescue of boatloads of immigrants each day is not enough. There is a need to build stable, productive relations that are long-lasting. Everybody can do something, even our company which exports its laundry machinery everywhere, from Singapore to Scandinavia”.

– Where is the next stopping point, right after Host?

“Gulf Laundrex in November in Dubai. Finally with a group of Italian producers that work in similar fields but that share the same long-sightedness in believing in the potential of working together. The exhibition is exciting because it focuses on the emerging and developing markets of the Middle East and Africa. And because it groups together two previously parallel sectors under the “cleaning” label: laundries and cleaning. The exhibition shows that these paths are bound to intersect”.
– Aiming at what?
“The thrill of other changes. Believe me, moving on is good for the world”.

IMESA is a leading company in the production of laundry equipment. We achieved this goal thanks to more than 40 years of total commitment to the continuing challenges to satisfy the growing technological expectation of human beings and meetings changes in lifestyle. Innovation, quality, safety, versatility, service and reliability: IMESA success is based on this six concepts. Innovation in technology and proposal. Quality guaranteed by an UNI EN ISO 9001 certified production system. Safety of products certified by qualified operational organization in various part of the world. Versatility and flexibility which allows many possibilities of customization. Reliability thanks to the solid product structure. Customer satisfaction is IMESA main achievement. Thanks to an international and professional net of distributor and to a well-trained service net, IMESA can assure a global service in Italy, in Europe and in all the world. During the offer step, IMESA distributors offers a complete support in the correct equipment choiceand complete the job with a financial analysis of the investment as well as with the project. IMESA can deliver in a very short time thanks to equipment stock in many countries: Italy, Spain, French, Portugal, Algeria, Hungary. The wide service net can assure a quick technical assistance in case of necessity and the spare parts can be easily purchased in IMESA official website

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Detergo Magazine – October 2015