“We have dedicated a lot of time for preparing EXPOdetergo International 2022, not only for carrying out activities of development and research for the machines that we have displayed in the trade show, or for designing the layout of the stand, but we have also allocated a special space for marketing and communication, a sort of press corner that aroused a lot of interest among our visitors.

We are talking about this with Michele Battistella, the Sales Manager of Battistella B.G., with the headquarter in Rossano Veneto, a town located between Vicenza and Treviso. After one year of work marked up by continuous improvements, right in the run-up to EXPOdetergo International we have patented the NEW , developed as an upgrade of the traditional Circe shirt finisher. It is a patented System for ironing the shirt collar and cuffs, integrated into the dummy. This system allows the simultaneous ironing of the collar and cuffs while the dummy is ironing the shirt. The main advantages of this machine are related to the space savings, with one machine less the space occupied by the ironing system is reduced to half; to the economic savings, the cost of the integrated collar/cuffs pressing system is significantly lower than the collar/cuffs pressing machine; and to the energy savings, by eliminating a machine the total energy consumption used for ironing a shirt it is also decreasing”.

Let’s change the subject and move on to the company’s renewal seen from an organisational and communicational perspective. In what does the platform that you will inaugurate next year in your company is consisting of?
“The new platform is the company’s “jumble”. It is a platform addressed to the dealers and the end users, where we will lay our cards on the table, a marketplace, a virtual showroom, where you can virtually interact with our products, test them, read about their features and all the necessary information. You will be able to find all of these in the new portal of Battistella B.G., that will be available from January 2023, where the customers will have the possibility to order products, find manuals, certifications, price lists, spare parts, photos and much more information at any time.

The first goal is to simplify the process of placing the orders. The platform will also have a commercial importance, as it will allow to customise the customers’ offers. From January next year, every dealer and/or customer will have the credentials to access their profile where there will be available all the useful information tailored and moulded on the customer’s needs. In order to make the platform operational, we will need 10.000 photos corresponding to all the covered articles. We consider it necessary to reduce the downtimes by enhancing the essential details for becoming more efficient.

We have noticed that if the investment for the purchase of a machine is low, the customer will choose to buy it online; but, on the other hand, if we are talking about industrial machines that involves a higher investment, then the customer’s presence in our showroom becomes important. In conclusion, we shouldn’t leave any room for uncertainty to the customers: it will be enough to identify the needed spare part in a picture and then to place the order directly to the warehouse. The Amazon app delivery model is teaching us this strategy. The order will be tracked and monitored at every stage. We are trying to simplify the entire process, as the time factor is an important resource”. •

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36028 Rossano Veneto VI – Italia
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Detergo Magazine November 2022
edited by
Marzio Nava