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Tecnologie Tessili, 100% made in Italy table cloths for restaurants

Tecnologie Tessili srl has produced table cloths and textile products for restaurants, receptions, catering, hotels and industrial laundries for more than 25 years. The design of the products is based on a thorough choice of fabrics with a particular focus on yarn selection, weaving methods, dyeing and finishing stages in order to guarantee the products’ long lifecycle and strong resistance …

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CASA ROVEA a brand of PAROTEX – Host 2019 Milan

CASA ROVEA a brand of PAROTEX – Host 2019 Milan Casarovea took part in Host 2019 International Hospitality Exhibition in Milan this past October. With this video we want to share with you our experience. Thank you all for your support.

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Elected the new Board of Expo Detergo and Assofornitori

On 11 September 2019, the Board of Directors of Assofornitori (Associazione Fornitori Aziende Manutenzione dei Tessili) and the Board of Expo Detergo S.r.l. were renewed. Giuseppe Conti, the President of A13 was elected the new President of the Assofornitori Association, already a member of the Assofornitori Board since 2011 and the Executive Director at Expo Detergo. The new President of …

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LAUNDRY GUIDE — Microplastics in textiles and garments, how can the problem be contained?

Microplastics are very small pieces of synthetic material with dimensions ranging from 0.1 µm to 5 mm (according to the European Chemical Agency and the European Food Safety Agency). Because of this wide definition, the category contains a great number of particles of different nature and origin. Their presence in the seas, and not only, has become a widely discussed …

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COVER STORY — Rotondi group, 4.0 laundry innovation

ROTONDI GROUP, a world leading business in the design and production of garment finishing machines for more than 40 years, has broadened the ironing equipment offer by launching flatwork finishing and folding machine range onto the laundry market. Since 2012, the business can offer any type of an ironing machine and meet market requests at 360° as far as garment …

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ITALIAN TALENT — Fire at Mariella’s laundry… Back on her feet thanks to the clients’ solidarity

A wonderful story of solidarity with Mancini Laundry Dolphin as the main character. Based in Marano in Naples province and run by Maria Castellone, the shop caught fire because of a short circuit last June. Not a month passed and the shop re-opened thanks to the support of the entire family and the many inhabitants of the town, grateful for …

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