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The Primus THP range includes 3 models of heat pump tumble dryers. This range reduces operating costs by up to 70% compared to similar tumble dryers. Heat pump dryers do not require ventilation pipes, as the exhaust air is 100% recycled and the fast cooling removes moisture, while rapid heating returns heat to the drying cylinder. The machine has less heat loss and makes the laundry room a more pleasant place to work.

The heating pump tumble dryers from the THP range especially designed for commercial use, are equipped with EVO5 drying technology, and a booster as optional technology. The booster technology reduces the first cycle drying times by 10-15 minutes!

Thanks to the specially developed HP booster, the drying times of a full load of cotton linen is reduced from 58 to 45 minutes. This not only saves time, but also reduces labour and energy costs.Heat pump dryers are available in 12, 16 and 19 KG loading capacity.

Primus FX soft mounted washer-extractors are among the best in their class. This superior appliance is available for capacities from 6,5 to 60 kg. Whether you have a hotel, a laundry shop or even your own coin-up laundry, you will find a solution for all your needs with FX freestanding washer-extractors. The machines feature water, detergent and electricity-saving technologies.

The smaller capacities are now equipped with the new 500G (higher spin force), which extracts more water from the linen and therefore with less residual humidity. The result is dryer linen and reduced drying times.

Alliance Laundry is constantly developing its products to offer you the best solutions and meet all your laundry needs!

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