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Reportage – Every restaurant gets the right tablecloth where Made in Italy is born

Industrial organization and artisan approach combine in case of textile businesses production in Lombardy that service hotels and restaurants everywhere in the world. As it will clearly show at Gulf Laundrex-EXPOdetergo International in Dubai in November

Natural born artists, the Italians. The fact their DNA has been given such a gift shows not only when it
comes to altarpieces or Renaissance buildings but it also seems to be a part of an incurable vocation that takes them to embellish anything that makes part of our everyday lives. Including tablecloths and bed sheets at hotels and restaurants in the peninsula. It is an outcome of industrial organization combined with the artisan care for products.
This simple and beneficial scenography of our daily lives is taken care of by the entrepreneurs and operators of a fertile market niche represented by the suppliers that laundries rely on while being provided with linen destined for hospitality sector. We are talking about the sector that, due to the historical and economical traditions, has prospered in the heart of Lombardy filled with excellent brands on territories covering Milan, Como and Varese areas. Here, we have tried to understand how these companies have been projecting their future that is more and more typically characterized by
partnership relations with the clients. The latter ones, interested as they are in renting high quality linen and in customizing it as much as possible while creating their own product lines and image.
“The great news of these last two years is a strong return to the idea of Beauty” says Roberto Littamè, the owner of Tessiltorre from Dairago. He explains: “The partial recovery after the crisis allowed us to focus on the aspect of beauty of our products more easily while going towards the customization of product lines. Until a couple of years ago, the search for greater cost efficiency dominated the market. Today, this tendency has slightly changed and clients invest in the search for Beauty more which reflects in the aesthetics, quality and durability of the products. Tessiltorre has always been a trusted partner to our clients and we never actually abandoned the research in the quality of products. We have kept it high persistently. As a consequence, we offer an incredibly rich range of products providing the clients with suitable and customized solutions”.
Visiting these companies creates an effect of diving into the beauty with its colours worked down to their slightest shade, shimmering patterns, themes that evoke decorative writings. “It is undoubtedly true that the entire sector is facing considerable changes – says Cristina Salvati from Masa, a company from Varese area with its headquarters in Bolladello di Cairate. –
Tendencies and style have definitely changed. In case restaurants, flower patterns and strong colours on tablecloths are gone. Today, the dominant requests concern simple colours and more essential themes. It is where our brand comes in. We can guarantee the customization of products as far as details go e.g.
where to place the logo or how to shade blue and grey colours. Our flexibility is definitely combined with the use of Jacquard loom that can treat textile using an infinite variations range”.
Certainly, customizing the product can be done only if the producer is able to establish close but open relations guided by their creativity. “We are experiencing it all the time both with our new and old clients – confirms Maurizio Paleari, the Sales Director at Parotex in Busto Arsizio. – As far as table linen is concerned, we start with a simple jpg file of a company logo around which we work proposing various options about its positioning and dimensions. In this stage, we also assert our updated market knowledge trying to guide the clients combining their choices with the choices of their competitors so that they can operate in the direction of a customized product variation. These processes could also be long sometimes but it is important not to be in a hurry to get the final result quickly”.
Staying inside these sober and elegant companies it is as if we were watching a film that tells us a story of restaurants passing from one tablecloth to another.
“To the point that, if the opportunity comes in, we are also able to service the final client – says Marco Gastaldi, the owner of Gastaldi from Merone in Como area. – And it has become a usual practice to us a far as American and Asian markets go. It has required a change in our mind set which actually can be exciting if seen in the right way. Just like the latest challenge we faced. It was about a line of orange linen napkins supplied to Le Cirque restaurant in Bellagio, a gigantic entertainment place in one of  the hotels in Las Vegas”.
This is how the Made in Italy flag keeps waving with the wind in its sails over the great seas of textile supply.
Following the routes that go far. To start with November 2017 in Dubai where Italian textile sector is going to be present as one of the most important points at “Gulf Laundrex Linen-Care Expo powered by EXPOdetergo International exhibition”. •


by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine June 2017

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