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Eleven years of growth based on the thorough knowledge of the sector have been enough for this industrial laundry in Novoli to become extremely successful. The business specialized in table cloths treatment, crucial in such an important tourist area. It supplies restaurants with both high-quality fabrics and reliable services. The success of the Perrone brothers’ business is definitely interlaced with the precious trousseau manufacturing that their father, Gigi, practiced in the past

From the left: Teodoro Perrone, Gigi Perrone, Gianluca Perrone

If a family knows a thousand-year-old “Art” of trousseau that is too unique and precious to be defined as just “Craftsmanship”, passing from a manufacturing business to textile maintenance becomes quite natural. Such is the story of the Perrone family from Novoli based in Lecce province in the heart of the beautiful Salento. Still today, the weaving factories operating in the area are much valued and appreciated by the entire south of Italy. They manufacture exclusive, luxury and beautiful trousseau that consist of hundred pieces per each article just like the antique tradition has it, no matter whether it is a small table cloth or a bedsheet.

“My father, Gigi – says Teodoro Perrone – had continued the family business of trousseau manufacture for a long time before me and my brother, Gianluca joined him. That was the moment the three of us decided to change the business type and start a bit more up-to date activity. We had already started collaborating with a few laundries, therefore, at some point, we decided to open one ourselves. It is maybe because, we knew all about the market needs and we knew how to make it attractive and competitive”.

In 2007, Lavaspeedy, an industrial laundry was opened. Today, it processes big volumes of linen per day and hires several employees in Novoli. The Perrone brothers run the business while their father, Gigi, retired. We are talking about eleven years of a successful company history if we consider how, year after year, the Lavaspeedy managed to make the most of this time by identifying an important market niche spread over the provinces of Lecce and Brindisi.

“We had very clear ideas since the beginning – explains Teodoro Perrone. – As far as the product and the market go, we aim at supplying the hospitality and restaurant sectors. The strong presence of tourism in our territory encouraged us. The two winning choices have been: aiming at the quality of fabrics, washing technology and linen treatment together with the reliability of the production and the delivery that are guaranteed also on bank holidays or after working hours.”

“To tell the truth, the two things come together – Teodoro Perrone continues. – Deep knowledge gained in the field of trousseau manufacturing enabled us to offer the possibility of renting fine, long lasting fabrics that fit the style of a given restaurant. Supplying quality and guaranteeing precision of service are the two things that create the continuity in the collaboration between a laundry and clients. We are talking about restaurant owners and hotel managers who are aware of, and competing to underline the international success of Salento. They are determined to offer local, delicious specialties on the menu and a more adequate service that translate to simple table cloths as well as eye catching, showy ones just like it is expected while on holidays in the Mediterranean”.

“Last but not least, it is to be underlined that – Teodoro Perrone adds – the best company policy, the winning one for sure, is the group of our professional and collaborative staff, integrated with our big family. Their great dedication and spirit of sacrifice enabled the business to grow and become what it is today. A business with a stable portfolio of loyal clients”.

An efficient word of mouth has been both the basis of the success of Lavaspeedy, that today spreads over a big part of Salento, and a boost for its development in the territory also in the area of Nardò where Porsche testing center is based, a famous German car producer. “At the moment we are evaluating the idea of another step forward – Perrone explains – namely, we are thinking about the increase of the structure size. We are going to do this at the right time, without any hurry also because we need to remember that we are linked to tourism that translates to seasonal work. We are very busy between May and October but then we slow down over the next six months. Obviously, visiting EXPOdetergo International enabled us to realize that the range of available machines is very vast and it can be customized which allows for an important imprint in the changes to the business. We will definitely evaluate this part and make our decisions accordingly”.

As the wisdom of their father Gigi taught Teodoro and Gianluca, it will surely be a safe and pondered step just like the gestures of those who weave the One Thousand and One Nights trousseau on antique looms.




by Stefano Ferrio




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