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EXPOdetergo –Livio Bassan new chairman of EXPOdetergo


Livio Bassan
Livio Bassan

General meeting confirms officers: Giuseppe Conti and Alessandro Rolli appointed directors with special authority. An important conference in 2016 one of the first steps for the new board.


The board of directors of Expo Detergo S.r.L., owner of the EXPODetergo exhibition and the Detergo magazine, was renewed at an ordinary meeting held in Milan on 7 September.

The meeting was necessary since the term of office of the President and the outgoing directors had expired. Having determined that the outgoing President Luciano Miotto could not re-candidate himself for another 4-year term, the meeting expressed its great satisfaction with the success of EXPOdetergo International during the term in office of President Miotto, as was widely demonstrated by the success of the event in 2014.

Giuseppe Conti
Giuseppe Conti

The new appointments were then announced. The new President of Expo Detergo S.r.L. is Livio Bassan, CEO of Christeyns Italia. He will sit on the board of directors with members Giuseppe Conti, Paolo Fumagalli, Marco Mallegni, Luciano Miotto, Maurizio Paleari, Gabrio Renzacci, Alessandro Rolli, Giovanni Salvati, Marco Sancassani and Giancarlo Vezzoli.

The Assofornitori President Felice Mapelli, may attend all the meetings with the four vice-presidents of Assofornitori: Alfredo Castelnovo, Matteo Gerosa, Claudio Montanari and Norberto Rappini.

Following a proposal by President Bassan, the board of directors assigned special powers to Messrs Conti and Rolli. Giuseppe Conti, owner of A13, will specifically deal with the Detergo magazine, while the promotion and activities of EXPOdetergo International – slated for October 2018 – have been entrusted to Alessandro Rolli, managing director of Kannegiesser Italia.

The appointments of directors with special powers clearly shows that the new Expo Detergo S.r.L. board firmly intends to pick up from where the previous board left off, by focusing on building the exhibition and the Detergo magazine during the next 4-year term. Market trends show that this period of economic growth will be very different from the prevailing trends before the 2008 economic crisis. Things can get better as long as the various sectors work more closely together (see the upcoming Gulf Laundrex exhibition in Dubai which is designed for the entire cleaning market) and eco-sustainability and protecting the environment become widespread must-haves. In

Alessandro Rolli
Alessandro Rolli

a new global market where the rules of the game may not be clear, Europe, with its currency and resources, will be required to play a different role and necessarily focus on quality services and products.

How to make these trends become daily practice at rental laundries and dry cleaners therefore becomes a key issue that can inspire the work of EXPOdetergo International as well as Detergo. An important conference is already being planned for 2016 to promote open discussions to leverage any insightful information from a market that is finally regaining its lost ground.



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