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Cleanshow 2019 2/23 June New Orleans


Two years have passed since the last edition of the Clean Show took place in Las Vegas, (Clean 2017), a phantasmagoric city in the Nevada desert.
This year’s location of the show is New Orleans, Louisiana. The distance between the two cities is not just to be quantified by kilometers but also by the wave of innovation that will consistently characterize the upcoming show.
Now, in its 42nd year, the Clean Show is the premier event for textile care. The city hosting it this year, New Orleans,  is one of America’s most vibrant and fascinating cities. It is famous for its music, its picturesque carnival and the mysterious aura thanks to its interesting traditions, customs and habits that link the present to the past. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city in 2005, today, New Orleans seems to have moved on, relaunched itself and got back to normal life.
The start of the Clean Show is scheduled for 20 June. The event attracts all facets of the laundering, dry-cleaning, and textile-care industry – from single-owner coin-operated laundry and dry-cleaning establishments to giant, industrial and institutional laundries, and textile service companies. Exhibitors are manufacturers and providers of products, supplies, and services to the industry. Sector operators from all over the world will get together for four days, until 23 June to discover, ad
mire and compare recent technology innovative services and products over technology the exhibit floor is where they their close involvement with the show, an exhibit space covering 21,000 sq. m. while 12,000 visitors are expected to attend teh show.
The Clean Show is a place where industry professionals and suppliers can work together, learn together and succeed together.
Show attendees include store owners, plant operators, technicians, institutional laundry managers, distributors, consultants, and buyers. The largest share (94%) of attendees are business owners, executives or managers according to a past Clean Show survey.
The Clean Show brings those business owners and executives face to face with hundreds of industry exhibitors. For companies looking to expand, re-educate, or upgrade current technology the exhibit floor is where they
should be.
This year Germany-based Messe Frankfurt, an international textile care trade fair, congress and event organizer, pur chased the Clean Show from the fiv sponsoring associations that had successfully managed the show until the acquisition. As part of the acquisition, the sponsor associations will maintain their close involvement with the show, and Messe Frankfurt aims to continue the Clean Show success story. The first Clean Show as a part of Messe Frankfurt’s portfolio of textile-care fai rs will be in New Orleans June 20-23, 2019. Future events are planned for Atlanta and Orlando in 2021 and 2023,
During the show, top industry leaders will provide education sessions based on new and innovative industry topics, technologies, and research. Sessions include topics such as training,  business  management, and environmental issues.
See you in New Orleans! •
Registration for badges available on www.cleanshow.com