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EVENTS – WATER, ENVIRONMENT, AND AUTOMATION The magic three words of EXPOdetergo International

Energy, ecology and production processes are the three major topics that, according to the figures, set the stage for a triumphant 17th edition of the laundry machinery and products expo to be held in Milan next October 3-6. “Water, Environment, and Automation” Serendipitously, the Italian words for Water (Acqua), Environment (Ambiente) and Automation (Automazione) all begin with A, a powerful …

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THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS – All the vintage roads lead to LIM

It took them less than thirty years to make a unique name for themselves and transform this family-run laundry in Montagnana into an amazing permanent lab, where new techniques and methods of “antiquing” turn jeans into works of art Are you in search of 21st Century art? The kind that is unique and marked by the passage of time? More …

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EVENTS – EXPOdetergo International 2014, already at “fever” pitch — proof is in the thousands of requests made by prospective visitors

When people ask not only if children, but also pets, are allowed, we can be certain that the Event is among those with a Capital E. The same holds true if the questions are about child care, parking, food services and accessibility. Requests in hand, thousands of requests in hand, this is EXPOdetergo International 2014, set to take place at …

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THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS – Boats full of linen photographed under the most beautiful bridges of Venice

Reaching the milestone represented by this evocative image required starting from some essential certainties. Tourists in Venice, for example. Tourists which, regardless of the economic crisis, continue to visit the world’s most dreamed of city, as confirmed by the ten million visitors registered by the APT of Venice (Tourism Promotion Agency) for the year 2013. Three years ago, Francesco and …

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EDITORIAL – What’s best? Fabric or disposable? Restaurant owners in Piedmont can tell you

The 38 eco-restaurant owners who have just grouped together in Piedmont are there to remind us: “eco” is becoming one of the most important prefixes of the moment. Something that the laundry sector is very happy about because of its two-way relationship with ecology at the dinner table. For fabrics of course, since fabrics are washed and anything disposable is …

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