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COVER STORY — Pony, ironing power Made in Italy. A sixty-year old success worldwide

The story of the Milanese company currently employing more than 80 workers started in 1958, is inextricably tied to that of the Fumagalli family.  From the first “Vaporetta” ironing boards to the magnificent highperformance Eagle 2.0 shirt formfinishing model, the much awaited “showstopper” of  EXPOdetergo International, this epic story is that of a brand nurtured by passionate craftsmanship, family management, personal relationships, and the ability to “anticipate” global market developments   Those who …

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COVER STORY –Washing machines that can run and “think” This is how IMESA is celebrating its 50th anniversary

On 22 September, during its 50th anniversary celebration at its headquarters in Cessalto, and immediately thereafter at EXPOdetergo International, IMESA will present its brand-new LM 26 and LM 32 highspin washing machines. The two models are the first to be equipped with the revolutionary IM11 computer, which performs a great number of functions “in cloud”, driven by an in-line “accelerometer” that governs …

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COVER STORY — MS Group, the story of a new brand that looks like a good movie

In “I am back” (Sono tornato), a successful Italian movie, we can see the washing machines produced by MS Group in one of the scenes shot in a coin-op in Rome. The acquisition of Magik Stir based in Bologna 4 year ago was the beginning of the entrepreneurial adventure of this business. Since then, their thirty-year-old skill and young management …

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COVER STORY — Not just white. Super White! Sunscreen cream stains will become history thanks to OxyGuardTM40!

Ecolab has developed a new washing solution that eliminates the stains left by sunblock on textiles   Ecolab Textile Care division has developed new, ecofriendly washing solutions for industrial laundries that  help to keep total costs under control and improve the operative efficiency at the same time: OxyGuard™40 and Perfomance™ Industrial. A part of washing processes optimization that Ecolab offers to their clients consists of providing solutions that …

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REPORTAGE — Industrial laundries of the future? A question of logistics

Continuous batch washers with separate compartments, smart trucks, “Internet of Things”: such technological marvels, advanced and all-inclusive transport and tracing systems will characterize highly developed automation. The objective is to produce enormous and constant quantities of clean linen calibrated for the multiple number of clients. Without forgetting about the costs of transport In 2018, logistics has become a battle field …

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REPORTAGE — XXI century cleaning, a multi-sensory experience

Sector operators agree: optical brighteners used in the past are not enough anymore. Today, clients want to have their garments cleaned and sanitized with the perception of acomplete process including machines maintenance, all the work cycles management and the choice of solvents. Anothercrucial factor concerns shops’ internal environments: clean, well scented with the possibility of seeing the operators at work and …

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