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Two years have passed since the last edition of the Clean Show took place in Las Vegas, (Clean 2017), a phantasmagoric city in the Nevada desert. This year’s location of the show is New Orleans, Louisiana. The distance between the two cities is not just to be quantified by kilometers but also by the wave of innovation that will consistently …

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COVER STORY — Renzacci, 4.0 industry applied to laundry technology

A double-wheel company, present in both dry and wet cleaning sectors with the catalogue of products linked by a single feature: the quality At the entrance to Renzacci SpA we are welcomed by a ceramic wall composition donated by one of the assistance centers for disabled children in Città di Castello (the company established a great relationship with the center …

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REPORTAGE — Dry-cleaning and artisan laundries: market demand analysis

At the end of 2018, Expo Detergo commissioned the task to outline the economic and organizational picture of Italian dry-cleaning and artisan businesses to Cerved, a market research institute.  The approximate perimeter of the identified market represents structures qualified as dry-cleaning/ traditional laundries whose number ranges from 12,000 and 14,000. 78% of the businesses can be defined as traditional laundries and …

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ITALIAN TALENT — In Grassina, where bedsheets “bloom” Lavanderia Sandra laundry is booming

In the 1900s, spring always used to bring, apart from the primroses, the Florentines’ linen to this town in the Chianti area. They knew about the antique art of the local laundry women. Aware of the tradition, 45 years ago, Mrs. Pampaloni opened a shop-lab there. Named after her first name, it services twenty businesses in Tuscany today. This is how a family business …

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Trade News — Four years of the “gentle chemistry” by Christeyns have changed the face of Italian market

The sector sees more and more laundries making a choice, thanks to these products, to follow the sustainability and the environmental protection road   Four years have passed since Christeyns, a Belgian multinational producer of chemical products with one of its headquarters also in Italy, launched its “Cool Chemistry”, its gentle chemistry onto the market. Today, the time that has …

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Italian Talent — Everything is possible at Lava e Cuci Shopping for tailor-made shirts, too

It only took six years for this shop run by Franco Marinelli to become a multi-service centre thanks to the owner’s managerial skills and training. Based in Granarolo dell’Emilia, the shop attracts clients who can rely on it as far as their entire “outfit” is concerned: not only clothes (including new garments on display for sale) but also bags, shoes …

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